NASA: 2019 will be the “most productive year” for the International Space Station’s National Laboratory

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has announced the International Space Station’s annual report for 2019, according tomedia Slash Gear. The report details many of NAS’s achievements and highlights related to THE ISS National Laboratory during fiscal year 2019 (ending September 30, 2019). In addition, the ISS National Laboratory broke two records last year.

Every year, the ISS National Laboratory releases a report detailing efforts and activities over the past year. In 2019, isS National Laboratories of America will spend more time on science projects it sponsors, the report said. Similarly, ISS National Laboratory-sponsored payloads are launched and delivered more than ever before.

Among other important highlights, the 2019 annual report shows that more than 70 percent of projects flying to the International Space Station are related to private sector research and development. In addition, isS National Laboratory has carried out record new projects, and the overall demand for space science work is high.

According to the Kennedy Space Center, various scientific payloads were sent to the International Space Station last year. A more prominent highlight is the variety of commercial hardware facilities sponsored by isS National Laboratory and launched as part of that sponsorship.

Ken Shields, chief operating officer of ISS National Laboratories, explains:

FY2019 is by far the most productive year for ISS National Laboratory Research and Development, and this report will detail the efforts to take full advantage of this unique and innovative platform. The International Space Station’s National Laboratory looks forward to continuing its successful development in the previous fiscal year, and we will continue to promote and promote innovative research and collaborations that are interested in space-based research and development.