Facebook to push 2 billion users to review their privacy settings

Developing stronger privacy protections for users is one of Facebook’s main goals over the next decade,media reported. Against this backdrop, Facebook today announced several announcements that will give users more control over their data in celebration of Data Privacy Day.

Facebook to push 2 billion users to review their privacy settings

Privacy checker:

Facebook’s updated privacy check helps users improve the security of their accounts, control who can see what the user shares and how their information is used. Facebook announced today that it will prompt nearly 2 billion people around the world to review their privacy settings. This tip will appear on the user’s News Feed in the coming weeks.

Turn off the Facebook campaign tool:

Facebook last year unveiled a new tool that allows users to view and control their own Facebook activities. The tool allows users to view apps and summaries of information about their activities sent to Facebook, and users can choose to delete that information. Everyuser can now use the new facebook event feature.

Third-party login warning:

Facebook Login allows users to sign in to other apps and services. When you sign in to a third-party app using Facebook Login, the new sign-in notification alerts users to help them track how their account is using and edit the settings.