“Warcraft 3: Remake” china regiion Test Opens Today

Today (January 29), “Warcraft 3: Remake” national service test new phase officially opened, players can experience more than 60 across TheZeelas, and even to the more distant world of single-player missions, command from the “Warcraft” story of the four powerful races, feel a new picture and rebalance of the instant strategic game play, And through the Blizzard war network to dominate the online battlefield!

Warcraft 3: Remake has reinvented this classic instant strategy game. The experience of the Epic Origin story of the Warcraft series has never been more fascinating. Top models and rendering techniques have completely reshaped every hero, every unit, every building, every environment in war3. This is an Ezelas you’ve never seen before.

“Warcraft 3: Remake” was originally scheduled to be launched in 2019, but last December Blizzard announced a ticket jump, today,” “Warcraft 3: Remake” china region test ingress new phase officially opened.