Stadia Pro members get GYLT and Metro:Exodus next month

In the latest edition of the Stadia Savepoint launch, Google’s Stadia team announced two games that will be available for free next month by Stadia Pro members: GYLT and Metro:Exodus. The two games, apparently “Metro:Exodus,” are more famous, and were well received after their release last year, and the story extension was soon launched.

But it’s no surprise that the game landed in Stadia as early as the time he was launched.

GYLT is a slightly smaller game, but it’s the only Stadia exclusive game in The Stadia’s debut. Giving it to Stadia Pro users as a free game is also a good idea to expect.

This month’s two free games are Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration and Samurai Shodown, and Stadia Pro members can get it this week if they haven’t already received it.

Google has previously announced that Stadia’s game library will be expanded to 120 plus models by 2020, with 10 new exclusive games. Stadia is still growing slowly and may have a longer-term future.

Stadia Pro members get GYLT and Subway: Escape next month