Study finds 3 drugs have better inhibitory effect on new coronaviruses

A series of good news came from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which had just developed anti-medical test paper for research, and the Institute of Toxic Drugs of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, which, in conjunction with the Institute of Toxic Drugs of the Academy of Military Medicine, had found remidivitsior or Lundisivir, which had a better inhibitory effect on the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) at the cellular level ( Remdesivir, GS-5734), chloroquine (Sigma-C6628), Ritonavir, three “old drugs”. Its subsequent clinical use, is going to go related procedures for approval.

Study finds 3 drugs have better inhibitory effect on new coronaviruses

In recent days, the relevant departments of the scientific and technological community in our province, various scientific research units to step up scientific and technological research and development, highlight ingested the urgent need for prevention and control, give full play to the role of experts, and strive to provide scientific and technological support for the first-line prevention and control treatment work. Ning Qin, director of the infection department at Tongji Hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, pointed out that most patients with pneumonia with the new coronary virus infection had good prognosis and a few were in critical condition; Based on current epidemiological investigations, the incubation period of the virus is 3-7 days, up to a maximum of 14 days. She believes that, in view of the similarity between the structure of the new coronavirus and SARS-Cov virus and the causes of clinical symptoms, it is probably possible that the mechanism of the disease is also caused by the activation of the body’s autoimmune attack on the autologous lungs and immune organs, but the specific mechanism is not clear.

On January 21st, according to the urgent scientific and technological needs of rapid disposal and emergency response to the epidemic, the Provincial Science and Technology Department launched the “2019 New Pneumonia Emergency Science and Technology Research Project”, established a new type of pneumonia emergency research research expert group, and quickly advanced related research work. The scientific research team of the pneumonia prevention and control team of the new coronavirus infection in Hubei Province organized the strong team in several related fields, such as virology and epidemiology, and focused on “rapid detection technology product development”, “disease occurrence, development and return law and clinical diagnosis and treatment”, Antiviral emergency drugs and vaccines, animal traceability research, pathogenology and epidemiological research” and other five aspects of the emergency research, with a view to carrying out epidemiological investigation and etiology as soon as possible, as soon as possible to reveal the pathogen infection caused by the mechanism and law of inflammatory response, as soon as possible to provide a basis for disease treatment and drug research and development, As soon as possible to form a new type of coronavirus for the 2019 rapid detection, emergency treatment capacity. At present, the Ministry of Science and Technology is organizing the scientific and technological research of new pneumonia diagnosis and treatment, Hubei Province launched this emergency science and technology project is very timely, with the State Ministry of Science and Technology to carry out a new type of pneumonia diagnosis and treatment emergency research formed a new type of pneumonia diagnosis and treatment of scientific research system.

Yu Tangchun, dean and professor of the School of Public Health at Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, believes that the most important and effective prevention and control strategy is still to control the source of infection and cut off the transmission route. We should strengthen the monitoring and screening of hospitals and crowded places, urge medical institutions at all levels to report cases and suspected cases in a timely manner, strengthen the training of medical and health technicians, improve the early identification and diagnosis of cases, and ensure that targeted centralized treatment of cases and suspected cases and isolation treatment are carried out. Considering the source of infection, the effectiveness of treatment, the fatality rate, etc., we should support the proposal to encourage the isolation and treatment of mild and moderate suspected patients at home, and not to go to the hospital in long lines for treatment.

Professor Yu Tangchun also believes that, because the transmission path of the new coronavirus pneumonia is still not completely clear, learn from the main experience of respiratory infectious diseases prevention and control, it is recommended to strengthen disinfection, ventilation, personal protection and other ways to cut off the transmission routes, strengthen close contact tracing, detection, isolation, protection. The public should be rational about the outbreak without panicking.