miso Robotics to launch new Flippy 2 kitchen robot

Miso Robitics, the designer of the popular kitchen auto-frying robot Flippy, is giving a new look to its flippable burgers and French fries robots. The new robotic arm has a suspended design instead of placing the robot on the floor. As the company has begun to supply fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King, the new design will save space and increase efficiency.

Festival-savers save profits miso Robotics to launch new Flippy 2 kitchen robot

(From: Miso Robotics)

On the investment side, Miso Robotics wanted to crowd-raise through SeedInvest and helped it get $30 million by attracting more than 10 views on social media with a promotional video.

Ryan Sinnet, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer, said the new machine could facilitate the adoption of fast food restaurants and help address staffing issues affecting the fast-food industry.

“With the new design, companies can save on food, labour and rental costs, and we’re showing how this will further improve margins in the fast food industry,” adds Sinnet.

Ultimately, the company wants to promote a new business model that rents machines and charges a fee for services. Previously, the model had become popular in the logistics industry (e.g. by increasing the automation of warehouses to boost profit margins), but the catering industry had been slow to follow suit.