Dyson’s $70 million Commonwealth grant for abandoning the manufacture of electric cars has also been refunded

After Dyson abandoned his plans to build electric cars, the British government’s original funding for research and development has also been returned to the British government,media reported. It is reported that back in 2016, after Dyson announced plans to develop and build electric vehicles, the British government allocated Dyson a financial allocation of 7.8 million pounds (about 70.405 million yuan) to fund the development and manufacture of Dyson electric vehicles.

The government hopes to boost the car industry in Wiltshire, where Dyson is based, through subsidies.

However, despite the fact that Dyson can be surprised in the hair dryer industry, he is a true outsider in the electric car industry. After three years of research and development and a cost of 20 billion yuan, the Dyson car project was officially abandoned in October 2019.

It is understood that in early 2019, Dyson’s first model patent has been successfully applied and exposed, from the rendering, they want to build a 5/7-seat MPV or Crossover model with an extra long wheelbase. And, from the design of the vehicle to the development of the vehicle and battery, and the construction of sales channels and terminals, Dyson is pushing it himself, so in just three years, the plan to build an electric car has cost 2 billion pounds.

Dyson founder James Dyson( also Britain’s richest man) felt huge financial pressure and was unable to make the electric car project, trying to sell his project, find a mature car maker to do the contract or co-production, but no one took over.

In early October, James Dyson explained in an internal email that they could n’no way of the model’s commercial viability, so they could only give up, although they would still spend some time in the automotive sector developing solid-state batteries and self-driving sensing systems.

Dyson's $70 million Commonwealth grant for abandoning the manufacture of electric cars has also been refunded