Nintendo Mobile Game player’s cumulative gold exceeds $1 billion

Nintendo’s Mobile Game has reached a $1 billion milestone in player spending on the App Store and Google Play, according to a new report from Sensor Tower. The six most downloaded games were: “Fire Mark: Heroes” “Super Mario Run” “Dr. Mario” “Lost Dragon Trip” “Mario Racing Tour” “AnimalS: Pocket Camp”, with a total download of 452 million.

Nintendo Mobile Game player's cumulative gold exceeds $1 billion

As shown below, “Fire Mark: Heroes” is the main position of the player’s gold, accounting for 61% of all player consumption. “AnimalS: Pocket Camp” and “Lost Dragon Trip” were shot at 12% and 11%, respectively, and were largely at the same level as the champions.

In addition, we see that the most burning two “Mario” Mobile game download volume is very high, but the player’s enthusiasm is not high, in which “Super Mario Run” is to allow players to download and try to play the original level, after the trial play whether to pay to unlock all the content, This seemingly conscientious-looking profit model has not stimulated the appetite of playmen.

By region, Japan is Nintendo’s main market, with $581 million in spending accounting for more than half, followed by the United States with $316 million.

Sensor Tower points out that Nintendo has explored different profit models over the past few years, from one-off buyouts to gold-skimming cards to paid subscriptions. And the results have also seen, “Flame Seal: Heroes” of the gold card system is the best effect.

But Nintendo insists they prefer a one-off buyout of Super Mario Run. Probably that’s not bad money so wayward.