AFP news agency warns that rumors related to the new coronavirus are flying around a number on SNS

 The number of people suffering from the new coronavirus in China has exceeded 4000, and 65 people have been identified outside China in 17 countries and regions, including Japan. Against this backdrop, afp news agencies have warned that “there are a number of hoaxes about the new coronavirus on social media.”  January 28, 2020, the National Health and Health Commission, China’s health authority, said, “The number of patients with the new coronavirus has increased by 1771, Total number 4515. The number of deaths has increased by 26, bringing the total number to 106.” New pneumonia, 4515 chinese patients, 106 dead. NHK News

Several cases of infection were also confirmed in Japan, but on January 28, it was confirmed that a Japanese man in his 60s who had no travel history in Wuhan, China, was infected. It is thought to be the first case of “human to human” infection in Japan. New Pneumonia First Confirmed Infection in Japan or Wuhan Stay history No history of staying in Wuhan

The new Coronavirus is attracting worldwide attention as news outlets around the world have reported a lot of relevant news. On the other hand, the AFP news agency discovered that “there are a lot of unfounded hoaxes about the new coronavirus on SNS”. Most of them seemed to be “obvious lies,” but the AFP news agency conducted a fact check on its own and issued a warning. List of contaminated foods and places The hoax, which has been in vogue since January 28, 2020 in Australia, is a list of foods and places contaminated by the new coronavirus. According to the hoax, not only rice from Wuchang District in Wuhan, China, but also Fortune Cookies, Korean Agricultural Onion Rings, Lipton’s Peach Iced Tea, Yogurt Milk Drink, and Wagyu It was stored or produced in an area close to Wuhan, so it may be contaminated with the new coronavirus.”

It is also said that a fictitious department called the Department of Pathogens has found new coronavirus strains in some areas, such as Rose and Burwood, in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. 

Local health officials commented to the AFP news agency that “both the food and the place on the list of issues are safe.” Video of Wuhan City Fresh Market, which was the source of the infection: On January 26, 2020, a video titled “The Source of the New Coronavirus, The Video of wuhan Chinese Seafood Wholesale Market” was posted on Facebook, and it has attracted attention because it is possible to confirm that bats, mice, giant snakes, etc. are sold for food. The video in question is below. However, the AFP news agency identified that the image in question was taken on July 20, 2019 at a market in Langowan, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, by searching for images extracted from the video. In The Annihilation of Wuhan City, a post appeared on Facebook saying that “doctors predict that all residents of Wuhan City are likely to die of the virus.” “No vaccines have been developed for the new coronavirus at this time, but the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a statement that most patients will be cured on their own.” The post also claimed that “the new coronavirus can be infected if it eats A Chinese poisonous snake,” but it has not been proven. It can be disinfected with salt water Several posts on Weibo, Twitter, and Faceboo on January 23, 2020, said that “to prevent infection, the mouth is immediately effective” which led the Chinese health authority expert team against the new coronavirus. According to the AFP news agency, a team of experts from the Chinese health authorities said that saline “cannot sterilize the new coronavirus with saline,” and the World Health Organization (WHO) also commented that “saline has no effect to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.” The American conspiracy theory “the new coronavirus was intentionally created by the CDC” claims also appeared on Facebook and Twitter. This post cited several patents as a basis. The AFP news agency has confirmed that these patents are “patents for making vaccines against certain coronaviruses.” The spread of infection in France Claims that the new coronavirus is spreading in some parts of France, including the provinces of Val-Doise and Savoie, have appeared on several social media sites, along with screenshots of afp and French news media. The AFP news agency has said that these screenshots are “digitally processed fakes” and that the infection has not yet been confirmed in the municipalities listed in the claim. As described above, misinformation is flying around the world’s SNS. Against this backdrop, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has officially reported primary information on the new coronavirus.

According to the announcement dated January 28, four people have been identified as infected in Japan. The first case of the infected person has already recovered completely, and the second infected person is already in a light state. It is said that the symptoms of the third and fourth cases of the infection are calm.