Xbox boss reveals latest on Microsoft’s mysterious top studio

Last year, Microsoft’s first-party studio group opened a new studio, The Initiative, in Santa Monica, where it brought in many industry veterans. Xbox boss Spencer recently revealed the latest developments in the mysterious new studio.

Xbox boss reveals latest on Microsoft's mysterious top studio

Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed on Twitter that he had just been to The Initiative Studios, saying they were creating something “old Things” in addition to something new. This has led to speculation that they may be developing some kind of Xbox IP legacy.

It’s hard to say what this IP is, because Microsoft’s main legacy series, such as War Machine and Halo, already have dedicated development teams. “Old-school stuff” may refer to a continuation of Microsoft’s classic IP, or it may be a remake or a remake. If Microsoft gives them old IP for development, it should be very, very old IP, old to the extent that the original production group has been disbanded.