Alibaba Cloud Announces Free AI Computing to the World, Accelerates Vaccine Development

Alibaba Yun announced that during the outbreak, all AI calculations will be opened free of charge to public research institutions around the world to accelerate the development of new drugs and vaccines for this new type of pneumonia. At present, China’s CDC has successfully isolated the virus, vaccine research and development and drug screening is still in a race against time. During the development of new drugs and vaccines, extensive data analysis, large-scale document screening and scientific overcalculation are required.

Alibaba Cloud can provide a powerful AI computing power to support virus gene sequencing, new drug research and development, protein screening and other work to help research institutions shorten the research and development cycle.

At present, GHDDI, the Global Health Drug Research and Development Center, is working with Alibaba Cloud to develop artificial intelligence drug research and development and big data platform, data mining and integration for historical drug research and development of coronaviruses such as SARS/MERS, open up relevant preclinical and clinical data resources, calculate targets and drug molecular properties, and follow up the latest scientific research developments of new coronaviruses, and announce them to the scientific community and the public in real time, providing important data support for scientific research of new coronaviruses.

Alibaba Cloud Announces Free AI Computing to the World, Accelerates Vaccine Development

The support range is as follows:

1, using molecular dynamics (MD: Molecular Dynamics) HPC application sage viruses, proteins, drug structure, target role simulation and design drug screening experiments, as well as the use of QD quantum dynamics for drug research – free of charge Ali cloud high-performance computing, SCC supercomputing clusters and CPU clusters;

2, the virus plants and infected people infected DNA extraction, genome computation, genomics calculation – free of charge Ali yun super-calculation support;

3, scientific research institutions in the global large-scale document analysis and screening – free of charge Alibaba Cloud universal platform support;

4, in MD, MM, QD based on virtual screening – free Ofai Cloud AI platform and cloud overcomputing support.