Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

The outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection has touched people’s hearts, while rumors have been swirling. For example, “RMB surface monitoring to the new coronavirus pathogens” “Japan sent a thousand medical teams to Wuhan” “lactoferrin can prevent the new coronavirus” “300,000 foreign passengers from Hubei nationality packed back to Shanghai airport” … Look how many you believe?

Rumor 1: Take a hot bath to prevent a new coronavirus

28, a “advise Jun to take a hot bath, the new virus greatly reduced – to Zhong Nanshan academician, Li Lanxuan academician’s proposal” in a number of WeChat group forwarding, an immunologist doctor suggested by taking a hot bath to protect the new coronavirus susceptibility population, and said “hot bath at home is a simple operation, the most effective, the lowest cost, The easiest way to protect vulnerable people! “

Subsequently, Li Lanxuan, a member of the High-level Expert Group of the National Health and Health Commission and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, responded to some of the suggestions on the Internet. She said, “at home to take (bubble) hot bath and high temperature disinfection is two different things, hot bath protection vulnerable people should not be publicity”, high temperature disinfection is a professional thing, with hot bath at home is not the same. The current method of preventing new coronary viral infections is still to go to fewer and more densely populated places, wash hands frequently, wear masks, and keep indoor ventilation.

Rumor 2: Japan Sends 1,000-Person Medical Team to Wuhan

On January 27, a television screenshot of a Japanese newspaper that reported an outbreak of pneumonia with a new coronavirus infection in China went viral in WeChat and was read with the caption, “Japan sent a medical team of 1,000 people to Wuhan.”

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

The investigation found that this is in fact out of context fake news! The truth is that, because of the Japanese expression habit of omitting the subject, Yomiuri TV reported that “China’s seven provinces and cities sent a total of about 1000 medical personnel to Wuhan epidemic area.” In addition, the net transmission of Japanese masks to reduce the price of sales and everywhere posted “Wuhan refueling!” China refuels! “There is no such thing, the reality is that many regions in Japan in-store large packaging masks are basically sold out, a number of stores of independent packaging masks have also taken measures to limit purchase.

  Myth 3: Takeaways infected with new coronavirus pneumonia deliberately coughing at food

28, a network news said that Qingdao takeaway workers infected with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia, deliberately to the food “spitting”, malicious transmission of the virus. At the same time, the distribution staff has been distributed the list of personnel is also circulating on the Internet.

29, Qingdao Public Security Bureau network police branch of the official micro-blog “Qingdao net police patrol law enforcement” released news: Recently, the network passed our city suspected of a new type of coronavirus infection, Liu a certain in the process of sending takeaway deliberately coughed into food. After verification by the public security organs, the video is a few days ago the dissemination of video smare in the province, and my city has nothing to do.

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

In addition, the reporter through the Qingdao City North District of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia prevention and control command office telephone contact was informed: the news is a rumor. According to reporters, Qingdao City, the north of the city did have a takeaway suspected of contracting a new type of coronary virus infection pneumonia, but the online video is not the takeaway, “video and suspected case” is occurred in two cities, two things stitched together.

Rumor 4: Wuhan South China Seafood Market Boss is the daughter-in-law of the vice chairman of the Hubei CPPCC

Net transmission “Wuhan South China seafood market boss is Yu sweet, her father-in-a-public is the Vice Chairman of the Hubei Provincial Committee Zheng Xinshou” news. After verification, the former vice-chairman of the Hubei Provincial Cppcc, Zheng Xinshou, does not have a son, this news is not true.

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

Rumor 5: 300,000 foreign tourists from Hubei are packed back to Shanghai airport

Recently, a source said: “Yangzhou travel agency has just received an important notice, now all the 300,000 tourists from Hubei, all packaged back to Shanghai Pudong Airport, China, to Shanghai control.” “

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

Search found that Shanghai, Hubei did not find the “Yangzhou” as the name of the location, the two places also did not take the name of “Yangzhou” travel agencies. On the other hand, the reporter as a passenger contact edding Shanghai Pudong Airport staff, the other side said that the relevant notice has not been received, it is recommended to the official notice. In fact, most of the tourists in Wuhan, who are currently traveling abroad, are struggling with how to return.

 Myth 6: With a 7-day N95 mask with a hairdryer or alcohol disinfection can continue to use

Spread the saying: N95 mask after 7 days do not lose, with a high-power hairdryer hair dryer 30 minutes, or with alcohol spray after disinfection to continue to use.

The truth: First, for the use of N95 masks, the CDC issued documents that state that in exceptional cases (e.g. undersupply of masks, etc.), “extended use” and “limited reuse” under strict regulations. “Extended use period” refers to a wear not removed, to contact different patients, and “limited reuse” refers to a certain number of times in the meet certain conditions, can be reused. “Reuse a certain number of times”, refers to if the manufacturer explained the number of times can be reused, then the manufacturer said the rule; Second, hair dryer or spray alcohol, may cause the mask deformation and filter fiber damage, but also will destroy its protective effect.

Rumor 7: Beijing supermarket, vegetable market to close for a week

Recently, many residents rushed into supermarkets to snap up fresh fruits and vegetables, rice noodles grain and oil, instant noodles and disinfectants and other daily necessities, some supermarket shelves were snapped up. On January 28th, it was reported that “Beijing supermarkets and vegetable markets will be closed for a week”.

Reporters from a number of supermarkets and markets to understand that this is not true news. At present, a number of supermarkets have begun to urgently adjust to meet the needs of the public. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce also said that Beijing’s vegetable supply is sufficient, individual store shelves out of stock, mainly the Spring Festival holiday people car tight distribution can not keep up, so also ask the public to rational purchase.

  Rumor 8: Garlic water can cure the pneumonia of the new coronary virus infection, drink more garlic water

Online video said: “garlic water can cure the new coronary virus infection pneumonia, drink more garlic water.”

In many research reports, garlic callin has antibacterial and other biological functions. But the study of its treatment mechanism is still in vitro (cell level) or animal experimental stage, there is still a lack of rigorous human test data.

There are currently no specific drugs for the new coronavirus, the treatment is mainly for the treatment of the disease. In prevention, the best is to wear a good mask, wash hands frequently, frequent ventilation.

Rumor 9: Lactoferrin can prevent new coronaviruses

It has been said that lactoferrin can improve immunity and prevent new coronaviruses.

The truth is that some preliminary studies have shown that lactoferrin may have some health benefits for infants, which are interpreted as “eating lactoferrin to enhance immunity” and then further interpreted as “anti-new coronaviruses”. This is actually a kind of marketing gimmick.

  Rumor 10: Beijing bus line operation arrangement adjustment

Recently, some netizens reported receiving a “notice on the adjustment of bus line operation arrangements during the outbreak of pneumonia infection of the new coronavirus infection.”

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

This message is not true, the line mentioned in this message is not a Beijing bus line. At present, the overall operation of the beijing bus group’s intra-city lines is normal. If there are related adjustments, the first time through the formal channels to the community!

Rumor 11: Eating more strawberries can prevent pneumonia from the new coronary virus infection

There are rumors that eating more strawberries has a significant effect on the prevention of pneumonia.

The fact that strawberries are a part of a balanced diet is nothing bad, but it is fanciful to expect it or any other particular food to “suppress/prevent the new coronavirus”.

 Rumor 12: Eating chili peppers can reduce the risk of death from new coronavirus pneumonia

It has been said that eating chili peppers can reduce the risk of death from pneumonia from the new coronavirus infection.

THE FACTS: Scientists are now working hard to do research, and no drugs have been found to have a definitive effect on pneumonia, a new type of coronavirus infection. If eating chili peppers is effective, the results of the research will certainly be published through the Health and Health Commission or scientific papers, not in the circle of friends.

 Myth 13: New coronavirus discovered in 2018

After the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection, some netizens turned over the old story of 2018 “scientists discovered the new coronavirus” and wondered “whether the new coronavirus is now rampant” two years ago.

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

Reporters to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Wuhan Virus Research Institute said the 2018 reported “virus”, and the outbreak of pneumonia in 2019-nCov is not the same virus.

Rumor 14: The “Wuhan Wildlife Market” Video

A 4-minute, 41-second video of a 4-minute, 41-second video was released on Social Facebook, usa, showing snakes, bats, rats and other wild animals trading in the market. The essay in English and he wrote in Garu: “This is the market in Wuhan, China, too much, Wuhan market selling a variety of game, the new coronavirus is so come…”

Latest rumors about the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection

27, AFP issued a message saying the video was fake. Screenshots of the video were then checked by a video verification tool showing the wildlife market in Sulawesi, Indonesia, which was posted on Youtube on July 20 last year. The video has now been labeled as fake by Facebook.