Sogou and Sohu Group jointly donated 20 million yuan of materials for epidemic prevention and control

On the evening of January 29, in order to support the anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention work, Sogou and Sohu Group jointly invested 20 million yuan to purchase N95 (9312/1860) protective masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective clothing, goggles and other medical materials, targeted donations to Hubei Wuhan, Huanggang, Yichang and other regional hospitals to provide protection for the fight against the epidemic front line of medical personnel.

Sogou get online “new viral pneumonia online ask doctor” function, collection of all-line medical resources, for the people to provide 7 x 24 hours on-line consultation services. If the user has mild suspected symptoms, you can first through search dog search and other ways, online consultation with a doctor, do not need to queue, direct lying with the doctor, reduce offline contact to avoid cross-infection, quick and simple judgment of the condition.

In view of the concerns of a large number of traveling people about trip safety during the Spring Festival, Sogou online new pneumonia diagnosis “patient same-course inquiry” function, users can search for “Wuhan pneumonia”, “epidemic” and other keywords in the search for search, you can find the results of “patient same journey query” entrance, to help travel users who have taken public transport, One-click query their own same shift whether there are confirmed cases of patients, in order to actively cooperate with the relevant regulatory agencies for information declaration, and help to determine their health status.