European Parliament votes to pass ‘Brexit’ deal to pave the way for Brexit

The European Parliament has approved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, paving the way for Britain to leave the European Union on January 31. The deal will temporarily avert the chaos of A disorderly Brexit. Officials on both sides say the debate over the Brexit deal is an easy part. Over the next 11 months, the UK and the EU will debate the terms of future relations, which could be more difficult than the negotiations that began after the UK’s June 2016 referendum decision on Brexit.

European Parliament votes to pass 'Brexit' deal to pave way for Brexit

The European Parliament endorsed the Brexit deal in Brussels on Wednesday, a legal requirement for a deal. This means that the UK will leave the EU, which it joined in 1973, with the terms of Brexit and the transition al-Final stage. The deal cushioned the impact of Brexit until the end of the year.

Although the European Parliament’s support is ultimately formal, it does have the power to veto the agreement. The European Parliament approved the agreement by a vote of 621 to 49.

In addition, Mr Johnson is reported to be addressing the nation an hour before Britain leaves the EU on Friday.

Johnson said he would speak at 10 p.m. on January 31 and broadcast it on his Facebook page. Britain is due to leave the European Union at 11 pm that day, equivalent to 12 midnight Brussels time.

Johnson announced the speech on his Facebook page. “It’s a time of hope and opportunity, but I think it’s also a time for us to come together with confidence,” Mr Johnson said. “