Artificial meat Beyond Meat continues to attract fast-food chains, news mixed

Beyond Meat, the US artificial meat company, is currently providing advice to other companies in the field of artificial meat on how to appeal to consumertastes,media techCrunch reported. On the same day that the Tim Hortons restaurant chain in Canada announced the closure of Beyond Meat products, the company and fast-food chain KFC announced that they were piloting the company’s chicken replacement products at new stores in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina, according to multiplemedia reports.

Artificial meat Beyond Meat continues to attract fast-food chains, news mixed

Last August, KFC conducted a one-day pilot program for vegetarian fried chicken at a restaurant in Atlanta to assess consumer needs.

Beyond Meat said Wednesday that 66 restaurants will accept its vegetarian chicken products. Ethan Brown, the company’s chief executive, told Yahoo Finance that he hoped his company would have enough capacity to meet the needs of all of KFC.

“Atlanta’s response continues to highlight the growing consumer demand for premium, delicious vegetarian meat products. Together with the KFC team, we created a vegetarian chicken that looks, tastes and cuts like chicken breast. I am very proud of the achievements of our research and development team and look forward to continuing to lead the vegetarian chicken business. Ethan Brown, founder and CHIEF executive of Beyond Meat, said in a statement.

Artificial meat Beyond Meat continues to attract fast-food chains, news mixed

Despite the good news, some investors seem cautious. Restaurant chain Tim Hortons actually took Beyond Meat products off its stores, while sales of Burger King’s man-made meat burger, Impossible Whoper, slowed. The reports may indicate a decline in consumer interest in the fast-food chain’s artificial meat substitutes.

Despite this, many restaurants are willing to add Beyond Burger products to their menus. On Monday, Denny’s became the latest chain to offer Beyond Meat burgers at all its stores. With the latest partnership, the company appears to be pulling out of its other deep-pocketed rival, Impossible Foods, despite the decision to cancel the company’s products.

Denny’s, which launched Beyond Burger at its Los Angeles restaurant last year, will now bring the product to more than 1,700 stores across the United States.