Core i5-L16G7: Intel 3D Package 5 Core Processor Lakefield First Model Presented

At the CES 2019 show more than a year ago, Intel officially announced Foveros 3D stereo package technology, the first product codename, Lakefield, which integrates the base layer and 10nm computing layer of the 22nm process for Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual screen, Samsung Galaxy The Book S notebook, which came out this year. Now, for the first time in the UserBenchmark database, the Lakefield model is named, a very special “Core i5-L16G7”.

Core i5-L16G7: Intel 3D Package 5 Core Processor Lakefield First Model Presented

Lakefield integrates five CPU cores, including a high-performance Sunny Cove and four low-power Tremonts, with a smart scheduler that balances the load distribution between the two CPU cores, somewhat like ARM’s size core design.

UserBenchmark has been able to successfully identify five CPU cores with frequencies as the base 1.40GHz, the acceleration average of 1.75GHz, apparently corresponding to the Tremont small core, the frequency states of the two cores are certainly different.

3DMark has also previously detected Lakefield, which at that time gave a maximum frequency of 3.1GHz, which naturally corresponds to the Sunny Cove large core.

The integrated core display is recognized as Intel UHD Graphics, but no more useful information, it should be an 11-generation architecture, and support for LPDDR4X memory.

The device ID of the device is identified as “SAMSUNG_NP_767XCL” and, unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Book S.

In addition, the i5-L16G7 model named this way is also the first time to see. Since entering the tenth generation of Core, Intel processor numbers have been extended to five digits, such as the i7-10710U, i7-1065G7, where the “G7” represents the nuclear display level, integrating 64 execution units, as Lakefield apparently does.

The letter “L” corresponds to Lakefield, and “16” should represent the number of the SKU model.