Patients Discharged from Wuhan hospitals: what kind of treatment process did they go through?

Jan 28th, Wuhan Lung Hospital and Huazhong University of Science and Technology affiliated Concord Hospital both gave out  good news, after a group of experts consultation,  5 new coronavirus infection pneumonia patients and 3 infected medical staff were discharged for these two hospitals . How did those discharged spend their time during treatment?

When will the patients be discharged from the hospital?

How to recover after leaving the hospital?

At two o’clock in the afternoon, five patients from Wuhan Lung Hospital walked out of the isolation ward in turn, and the attending doctors and nurses sent them specially prepared flowers, and after the discharge procedures were completed, the families were taken home to recuperate. The five patients had normal body temperature, cough and other symptoms improved significantly, and lung lesions were significantly absorbed when admitted to hospital. In line with the criteria for the release of confirmed cases from the list of confirmed cases in the Pneumonia Treatment Programme for New Coronary Virus Infections issued by the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission.

Li Ming, director of the  diseases of respiratory and critical care discipline of Wuhan Lung Hospital: “No fever, cough situation improved, imaging lesions have been absorbed, confirmed cases interval more than 24 hours two nucleic acid test negative can be discharged from the hospital.” ”

Wuhan discharge patients, what kind of treatment process did they go through?

Zhang Yu (first from left) and President Hu Yu (second from left) visit discharged medical staff

The oldest of the five discharged patients, 67, was Mr. Fang, from Anlu, Hubei Province, who was infected in a family-gathering outbreak that had come to Wuhan to care for his two febrile sons.

Mr. Fang: “January 15  we came her,  could not breath, plus I have several diseases,  had diabetes for twenty or thirty years, i felt i was dying.” Now i feel good. ”

Experts at Wuhan Lung Hospital said that the five patients no longer have  new coronavirus in their body, it is not contagious, but after discharge also need regular review.

Li Ming: “Recommendations are  patients do home isolation, wearing a mask, it is best to leave the patient alone in a seperate room for one to two weeks, two weeks later to the hospital to review CT, if the intermediate condition worsen go to the hospital at any time ”

Wuhan discharge patients, what kind of treatment process did they go through?

The infected medical staff recovered and returned home.

Infected doctor: Don’t cough at first

And then i had a high fever of 39 degrees.

Hu Gengcheng, born in 1982, is the chief physician of digestive medicine at Concord Hospital affiliated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and one of the first three infected medical staff to be discharged from the hospital. On 11 January he felt unwell, he said, and may have come into contact with fluid in the patient’s gastrointestinal tract during the operation, leading to an infection.

Hu Gengcheng: “Because we are digestive department, there is that gastrointestinal, there are many patients who had gastrointestinal symptoms , so it is possible that gastrointestinal fluids that I have contact with ”

Dr. Hu said that at first the illness had  symptoms  similar to  a cold ,  fatigue , fear of cold, muscle soreness, thought it was a common cold on the simple cold medicine, and then sudden fever let him realize the seriousness of the problem.

Hu Gengcheng: “At the beginning of the disease, i felt like a cold, fatigue, a little bit cold, muscle soreness.” No cough cough sputum, so thought it was a cold, eat a pill of cold medicine, may not be heavy at that time. Then suddenly body temperature began to go up, 38 degrees a few close to 39 degrees, and then this time the lung condition may be heavier, because the lower respiratory tract symptoms are heavier. ”

Wuhan discharge patients, what kind of treatment process did they go through?

Hu Gengcheng is doing atomization.

On January 21, a nasal test was performed, nucleic acid test positive, Dr. Hu was officially diagnosed.

Hu Gengcheng: “Because the treatment also has no special drugs, mainly is to support the treatment of the disease.” I had a  relatively high fever, then raised to 39 degrees, and then with those hormones, with propylene ball, while some anti-viral, anti-infective drugs are used, on the symptoms of support, after about two days, and then the body temperature down. Then slowly the drug reduction and then observe a few days, and then review the nucleic acid, two consecutive review, interval of one day, are negative, you can be discharged from the hospital, body temperature also has 4 days did not rise. ”

Wuhan discharge patients, what kind of treatment process did they go through?

Blood oxygen levels are detected daily

Infected doctor: Just treat it as a cold

When it comes to the post-diagnosis and the mentality during treatment, Hu Gengcheng, as a doctor, is very calm.

Hu Gengcheng: “Because I am a doctor, so for us we treat it as it is a cold, only with a different virus.” In the time of high fever, the spirit will be a little worse, but also not to the point of panic,  Because every year the flu is also very heavy, in fact, the flu will also cause death, because we see a lot of flu patients every year, the virus is new, so it may be a little panic. ”

Although he has been discharged from the hospital, Dr. Hu says he is still relatively weak and prone to sweating. For life after discharge from the hospital, Dr. Hu told reporters that he should follow the doctor’s orders, isolation, rest and recuperation, and so on after good physical condition, continue to put into work.

Hu Gengcheng: “After the recovery must be the first thing to be isolated.” Because although their own recovery, but also not necessarily said that there is no bacteria, one is to protect themselves, one to protect their families, and then to protect colleagues. The second word may still have to recuperate as soon as possible. Now is discharged from the hospital, first in accordance with the doctor’s instructions to isolate, rest and recuperation, and then wait for the physical condition is good and then go to work.