Home-made UOS operating system experience: It takes less than 1 second to open 20MB documents

With the release of the UOS unified operating system, domestic OS suppliers is changing the situation of the past, a number of projects are integrated, trying to become bigger and stronger, and to a certain extent to replace Microsoft’s Windows system. Most of the domestic OS systems are Linux-based, compared with Windows, the biggest problem of domestic OS is ecological, the meaning of this ecosystem is very broad:

Have hardware support, but also supporting the application software, while the use of the system experience also have to pass, then UOS on the three issues how to do?

Dongxing Securities recently published a report, mentioned the UOS system in hardware adaptation, software adaptation and use experience of the progress, the system was  appreciated.

According to the report, UOS (unity operating system) continued to work on hardware and software OS adaptation ecological construction, the current unified information software and Loongson, FeiTeng, Sunway, KunPeng, Zhaoxin, Haiguang and other manufacturers have carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation, with the domestic mainstream PC  manufacturers, As well as hundreds of software manufacturers have launched a full range of compatibility and adaptation work, can be compatible with Huawei, Tsinghua Tongfang, Great Wall, Sugon, aerospace science, Inspur, Lenovo and other computer manufacturers released terminals and server equipment and other hardware more than 40 models.

as for Software, UOS system has been adapted to streaming, layout, electronic seal manufacturers published office applications, databases, middleware, virtualization, cloud desktop and other vendors published a total of more than 200 services and platforms, through the pre-installed app store and the Internet software warehouse has been able to obtain nearly a thousand applicationsoftware support, Through OS ecological construction, accelerate the realization of domestic operating system from “available” to “easy use” transformation.

Home-made UOS operating system experience: It takes less than 1 second to open 20MB documents

What about the actual experience? According to the actual use of UOS test data, UOS system has simple installation, less system resources, requires low configuration characteristics, the overall operation of the system is smooth, logical design is reasonable, the interface is simple and easy to use, with its continuous improvement of the software ecology, the letter is expected to become the “IT reconstruction” wave of mainstream operating system.

Home-made UOS operating system experience: It takes less than 1 second to open 20MB documents

Dongxing Securities reported that the UOS system installation time of about 6 minutes, cold start time of more than 10 seconds, hot start as long as 2-3 seconds, the application from its own store, can be installed with one click, easy to use.

In terms of performance, it takes less than 1 second for the UOS system to open 20MB documents, less than 10 seconds to open a 20MB picture using a picture processing tool, less than 10 seconds to open a 20MB model file using a 3D modeling tool, and about 10 seconds to start a large programming tool.

In addition, the UOS system has unique features, such as uppercase key screen reminders, multi-tag explorer, time-lapse screenshots, direct decompression OF RAR files and so on.