U.S. Justice Department seeks court approval to stop companies making robot calls

Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt, the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil affairs division, said Tuesday that the Justice Department has announced its first-ever enforcement action against telecom operators to stop them from making robotic calls, including two “established in India and operating at residential addresses in New York and Arizona,” according to cNBC. the organization of the organization.

U.S. Justice Department seeks court approval to stop companies making robot calls

Hunt says these organizations make hundreds of millions of calls a month. He said the Justice Department is seeking court approval to block further calls from the groups. According to the press release, the companies include two Arizona-based companies and three companies based in Long Island, N.Y., all of which operate at residential addresses in those states.

The defendants in Arizona are TollFreeDeals.com, SIP Retail and its operators, as well as Nicholas Palumbo and Natasha Palumbo of Scottsdale. The defendants in New York State are Global VoiceCom Inc., Global Titi Services Inc., KAT Telecom Inc. and its operators.

According to the Justice Department, the alleged companies provide “gateway” services to fraudulent phone operators and pay for them by facilitating and delivering them to conventional U.S. telecommunications networks by using IP voice technology. The division’s spending, which companies such as AT?T and other large telecommunications companies have indicated, is providing assistance to scam calls.

Through these “gateways”, overseas fraudsters use fake numbers to mimic emergency calls or calls from government agencies such as the IRS or Social Security, in the hope of deceiving U.S. residents on the premise that the victim owes money to government agencies or suffers some form. Hunt points out that robotic phones have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

Hundreds of billions of automated voice-harassment calls in the United States each year have caught the attention of Congress, with lawmakers calling for frequent hearings on the subject. The Justice Department and other agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, have tried to combat the problem by targeting operators of robotic phones, but have found it increasingly difficult to deal with it.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the U.S. Social Security Administration, the U.S. Postal Service and elder Justice Co. of the Department of Justice.