LibreOffice 6.4 Release: Improve performance Optimization Help Introduce QR Code Generator

For Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac platforms, the Document Foundation today officially released a 32-bit/64-bit LibreOffice 6.4 open source office suite update. Not only is it an important version update, it is also the last version in the 6.x branch. The performance of the new version has been significantly improved, with a number of common features introduced and a lot of polishing in detail.

(Pictured) LibreOffice 6.4 Release: Improve performance Optimization Help Introduce QR Code Generator

In the LibreOffice 6.4 Office Suite update, Impress and Calc have significantly improved the speed at which documents are opened/saved. The help system has also been greatly improved to provide more accurate results and localize screenshots to find information faster.

LibreOffice’s Launch Center adds an application icon next to the document thumbnail to help users distinguish between document types, and the new version brings a new QR Code generator that allows users to add mobile-friendly code to their documents.

Other aspects include unifying hyperlink right-click menus to provide a consistent experience across all applications. Four options are now available: open, edit, copy hyperlink location, and delete. In addition, there is a new auto-revision feature that automatically hides the process of classifying or sensitive data – users can set text or regular expression matches through the Tools and Audo-Redact option.

Writer users can get a new dedicated table panel through the Private Tables panel on the sidebar and improve the cut, copy, and paste function of the table with the new Selective Paste menu option in the form of Paste as nested tables. Comments can now be marked as resolved and can be added to images and charts in text documents.

Calc users can export the spreadsheet as a single-page PDF document, while the Impress and Draw applications add a new Merge Text option to the Shapes menu to combine multiple text boxes into one.

Users using Libre Office Online can make some significant improvements to Writer and Calc. First, Writer implements the same table property sidebar and, for the first time, provides users with a comprehensive management of the document catalog. At the same time, Calc users can use the full-featured feature wizard and access more options for selected charts from the spreadsheet sidebar.

In addition, 64-bit Libre Office Product Suite 6.4 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for download. The 32-bit Libre Office ProductIvity Suite 6.4 for 32-bit Windows and Linux devices is also available for download.