As if to walk into the world of games: Japan’s Kubota launches fully automatic electric tractor X-Tractor

Earlier this month, Japanese company Kubota released a tractor product called Dreame Tractor, or X Tractor, to celebrate its 130th anniversary,media reported. It is reported that this tractor does not need human driving, all-electric. It’s a great design study, and the company says they have good reason to pursue the machine.

As if to walk into the world of games: Japan's Kubota launches fully automatic electric tractor X-Tractor

As the trend towards rapid retirement for Japanese farmers continues, there is a shortage of labour in the industry. In response, Kubota points out that smart agriculture and automated devices like this are the solutions.

It is understood that artificial intelligence on tractors determines appropriate action by reading information such as the weather of the day. Assuming a shower after an hour, X Tractor will notice this in advance and complete the harvest. In addition, the four-wheeled track-type packaging allows it to travel in complex terrain and wet areas such as rice fields. It can also change the operating height depending on the situation, while the in-wheel motor gives the machine a compact turning radius.

X Tractor can create an autonomous device ecosystem by sharing all the data it collects with other networked machines on the farm. According to Kubota’s vision, it is clear that the entire farm will be run by machines in the future.

As for what the power of the machine is, the company doesn’t mention the power system too much, but it mentions lithium-ion batteries and solar cells. Solar energy is a smart choice for a machine that is outdoors almost all day.

Although the tractor is not yet in production, the Japanese manufacturer says it will continue to pursue automation equipment as technology advances.