Xiaomi 10 Pro 5G smart steamer or with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

With less than two weeks to go before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series, you’re expected to see the strongest S20 Ultra 5G model. But according to the latest revelations, domestic handset makers won’t let Samsung steal the limelight. @Xiaomishka reported on Twitter that Xiaomi would launch a more competitive model in the coming weeks. With the flagship configuration, it may be more affordable than the S20 Ultra.

Xiaomi 10 Pro 5G smart steamer or with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

(Instagram via BGR)

Start with a summary of recent revelations about the Samsung Galaxy S20, such as the S20 Ultra model with an OLED screen with 6.9-inch s 120Hz, a resolution of 3200 x 1400, and off-screen fingerprinting.

Complemented by Qualcomm SnapSnapdragon 865 SoC (built-in 5G baseband), optional 16GB RAM plus 512GB ROM (microSD storage extension supported), rear quad, front 40MP front, 5000mAh battery (supports fast charging and wireless charging).

The camera module supports 100x digital zoom, including a 108-megapixel sensor, a 48MP potential telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide angle, and a 3D ToF flight time sensor.

The standard model is 12GB of RAM plus 128GB ROM, starting at $1300 (9017 RMB). However, GizChina has revealed that Xiaomi will also launch a range of flagship products in just a few days.

Xiaomi 10 Pro 5G smart steamer or with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Mi 10 Series includes Pro models with the same configuration specifications as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Although the screen is slightly smaller (6.4 inches , full HD), the latest Qualcomm SnapSnapdragon 865 SoC is preserved.

Complemented by 16GB of RAM plus 512GB ROM, rear quad (108 million plus 16MP plus 12MP plus 5MP sensor), and 5250mAh battery.

In recent years, the configuration specifications of the flagship smart machine have gradually become the same as notebook or desktop PCs, and in some ways even anti-super.

But either way, the Mi 10 Pro 5G model will be more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, even if the latter will be available with free Galaxy Buds and True Wireless headphones when booked early.