Rivian is building an all-electric car for Lincoln

Lincoln’s first all-electric vehicle will come from Rivian,media reported. Lincoln, forford’s luxury car brand, said Wednesday it is working with Rivian on a new electric car. Last April, Ford announced its intention to invest $500 million in Rivain to build the electric car. Rivian confirmed the news, but gave no further details.

Rivian is building an all-electric car for Lincoln

So far, Lincoln has produced two plug-in hybrids, Aviator and Corsair Grand Tour, which were unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November. But the car company has never produced an all-electric car.

It is reported that Lincoln’s first electric car will be built on Rivian’s flexible deck platform.

“As we move toward the future of all-electric vehicles, working with Rivian is a key point for Lincoln,” Joy Falotico, President of Lincoln Automotive, said in a statement. This vehicle will take Quiet Flight to a new place — zero emissions, easy performance and connectivity, intuitive technology. This would be shocking. “

Lincoln didn’t say what kind of car The Rivian would produce, but based on the trajectory of the past few years, Rivian is likely to produce an electric SUV.

For the past three years, Lincoln has focused on stimulating demand for SUVs. According to the company, the strategy led to a 7% year-on-year increase in SUV sales worldwide.

The addition of luxury electric cars will mean the death of MKZ. Lincoln said MKZ production would end this year to make room for new cars at its Hermosillo assembly plant in Mexico.