Google Stadia goes live with too low update sapp by players

When Google’s Stadia was first announced, it was claimed to be about changing the game market forever. But now that Stadia has been officially on the internet for some time, the market reaction has been a bit disappointing, and the real praise is far less than the one that made the optimism.

This week, after a period of stress, users found an opportunity to get angry, with user Gizoogle noting on Reddit that Stadia hasn’t launched any new games in 40 days and that the product has only been available for 69 days. That means Stadia has been silent for most of the day, and the game library has not expanded.

So far, Gizoogle points out, there are not many new projects for 2020, but Google has promised to add 120 new models this year.

In addition, the process of Landing on the iOS platform may be lagging behind, with no news at this time, and it will be months before 4K is supported. The foundation sharing and home sharing features mentioned earlier were not mentioned. There is no explanation for this, and the Stadia platform and Stadia users are like being forgotten.

Google Stadia goes live with too low update sapp by players

Grace, Google’s community manager, responded, presumably by saying: “I understand your concerns, so rest assured that we won’t delete the post.” No one wants to remain silent, but I really can’t commit to any new games right now. We will continue to listen to the player feedback here and thank you for your support. “

Given that Google’s pies are big and there are very few things to achieve now, it’s reasonable to say that there should be some published stage results, so the current situation at Stadia is a real concern. Let’s hope Google makes progress in the near future and surprises everyone.