Encrypted messaging service ProtonMail has been blocked in Russia

Russia has once again told ProtonMail that it has blocked access to its internet to protonMail, a private email provider. Russia’s digital regulator Roskomnadzor said ProtonMail had been blocked in the country, with regulators claiming the service had been used by bad actors to make false bomb threats, and the government had asked ProtonMail to help identify the owner of the account. But ProtonMail doesn’t cooperate. In response, ProtonMail said it denied receiving such requests from the Russian authorities.

Encrypted messaging service ProtonMail has been blocked in Russia

Commenting on the ban, Proton Mail online said:

“We have received reports that Russian regulators are now partially blocking ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. We are in contact with the relevant authorities to lift the blockade as soon as possible. We condemn the barriers to access as misleading measures that only harm ordinary people. ”

Roskomnadzor claims that bomb threats from ProtonMail accounts have also increased this month after banning startMail mail services with similar encryption features. ProtonMail says that as long as those who want to wreak havoc are still going to continue, they will always find other services to carry out their activities.

If you think it’s all a bit familiar, you’re right, the Russian authorities blocked ProtonMail for some time last year on the grounds of bomb threats.