Nokia 9.2 could become the world’s first underscreen front-facing camera phone

HMD Global has delayed the launch of its next-generation Nokia flagship smartphone to give it more opportunities to compete in the 2020 market. That means it will appear sometime in the fall, giving the company plenty of time to switch to the Snapdragon 865 chipset that all its competitors are using. This delay may also give HMD enough time to be second in the mobile world: off-screen camera.

Sources say Nokia is testing this cutting-edge technology and could be used in Nokia 9.2.

Nokia 9.2 could become the world's first underscreen front-facing camera phone

Other companies have discussed the technology before, such as OPPO, which has shown us some demos, but so far they’ve stressed that it’s not ready to go to business quickly.

Perhaps HMD Global hopes to make a breakthrough in this area, but it remains to be seen whether this feat can be achieved. After all, the word “test” means that if the function doesn’t work properly, you can undo it.