Forbes :PS5 will beat Xbox Series X again published a column by editor Erik Kain, “Why Sony beats Microsoft Again”, discussing his predictions for the next generation of hosting wars. Here’s the full text: 2020 will be a great year for the video game industry, and we’re in this console generation starting in 2013, and it’s time for us to touch on the new gaming hardware.

Although Nintendo will launch the Switch console in 2017, it is assumed that nintendo is not involved in the “host wars” because it has always maintained its rhythm and route. And the reason for the competition between Sony and Microsoft as “console war”, but also because the two game console selling period is the same, performance is similar, the game lineup also has a great deal of coincident, standing in the same running line, the fight of equal strength, is the battle.

Forbes :PS5 will beat Xbox Series X again

Both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will improve on picture authenticity, but Sony has other obvious advantages to give it a head start in the next-generation console wars.

We are not yet sure about the specific information about next-generation hosts, such as the specific value of hardware performance metrics, but we can do some push-down stogouts and guesses from some of the key details known.

There are many reasons to believe that PlayStation will win again in the next generation of host wars. First, PlayStation has a large number of exclusive brands, and works such as “The Godofs of War”, “The Mystery” and “The Last Survivor” can be a reason for players to buy PlayStation. Microsoft has always been lacking in this regard.

Second, ps4’s current lead is an element that cannot be ignored. The PS4’s global sales far exceed that of the Xbox One, and its huge user base means more loyal users are willing to continue using the PS5.

Finally, the PS5’s real competitiveness is actually Sony’s strategy for first-party exclusive game development. This is a strategy they have long adhered to and experienced. Such a strategy has kept PlayStation invincible for a long time.

Microsoft is aware of this, and they’ve started to build a stronger first-party development team, and the first results are expected to follow soon after the Xbox Series X goes on sale. But the question is, Microsoft’s exclusive new work needs to be time-tested, how many users dare to blindly start the Xbox Series X in times of uncertainty?

At the same time, Sony’s PS5 will not only have a true next-generation monopoly, but will also be down-compatible, with a complete PS4 game library. PS4 players can put aside their concerns and upgrade ps5 without worrying about not playing PS4 games. The only advantage of this generation’s Xbox One is that it’s down-compatible, and now Sony will have a better advantage with this short board.

In all, Sony will have more competitive advantage over Microsoft, not only in its initial slot, but also within a few years of its launch. And this is the most critical stage of the console generation accumulation user base, losing the opening may lose the whole field, like the Xbox One, the whole process is struggling to catch up, and finally the more far away. Both Sony and Nintendo have made a number of exclusive offers to players’ hard-to-reject purchases. And Microsoft want to catch up in this regard, although the strategy has been kept up, but the effect will take some time to show.

In addition, we have seen that Microsoft tends to let all of its own monopoly on Windows, even the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. In their words, they are building a software platform, because the software platform is the future. This is almost equivalent to giving up Xbox’s strategic position in the game console market. A user only needs to own a PS5/Switch and a gaming PC to play all the exclusive works, there is no need to start Xbox. So in the upcoming next-generation host war, the PS5 is clearly the first choice.

Sony is expected to release more details about the PS5 in February.