Shen Yiren Exposes OPPO’s First SmartWatch With Curved Flexible Screen

This morning, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren unveiled a rendering of OPPO’s first smartwatch and said it featured a flexible screen and curved design that “probably is the most expensive smartwatch of the year.” The rendering shows that the OPPO smartwatch has a rounded rectangle design with two keys on the right side of the gold case.

OPPO’s first smartwatch is expected to be released along with OPPO Find X2.

In October 2019, Shen Yiren revealed the news of the new OPPO smartwatch.

Shen Yiren has previously said that as a smartwatch, although the circle is good-looking in line with the traditional aesthetic, but the efficiency of the use of the screen (information rendering) is indeed lower than the rectangular dial.

Shen Yiren Exposes OPPO's First SmartWatch With Curved Flexible Screen