Skin Transplant Breakthrough U.S. Develops 3D Printed Vascular Skin

On November 4th researchers at Rensler Institute of Technology in the United States developed a new 3D skin printing technology that could create live skin with blood vessels, bringing humans one step closer to the goal of creating a natural skin graft closer to the human body and is expected to be used in skin burn treatment, foreign media reported.

“Although we have been able to print simple types of cells together in the past to create a tissue that resembles human skin, it faces a problem because it has no blood vessels, cannot fully bind to the host, and eventually necrosis,” said Pankay Callander, associate professor of chemistry and bioengineering at the Renssler Institute of Technology. ”

皮肤移植新突破 美国研发出3D打印带血管皮肤

Blood vessels in the skin are known to be important because they can get nutrients from host cells to transplant the skin and help remove metabolites. So without this connectivity between the host and the graft, the transplanted skin cannot survive.

To do this, the researchers combined a wider range of cells, including melanocytes, endothelial cells, and epithelial cells, and used 3D printing to form functional blood vessels. By transplanting the skin into an animal wound, it is found to bind perfectly to the animal’s skin and tissues.

What really excites us, the researchers say, is that we see the blood vessels of the transplanted skin connected to the blood vessels of the mice themselves, which is exactly what we want, and that’s what cell binding the transplanted skin is all about.

Next, the researchers are trying to make the structure of the transplanted skin more complex and powerful, and even consider how to apply it to the treatment of burn patients.

皮肤移植新突破 美国研发出3D打印带血管皮肤

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