Future Apple Watch may come with a crown that recognizes gestures

A new Apple patent details how to make devices like the Apple Watch crown, which includes optical sensors to record gestures, combined with mechanical devices and sensors to ensure the strap fits. Apple continues to use the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to add new features and accept users’ new input methods, and in its latest patent, the crown can be equipped with optical sensors to record and respond to touch.

“Portable electronic devices such as watches have become increasingly popular, and portable electronic devices are providing features and capabilities that are expanding to meet people’s needs,” Apple said in “Watches with optical sensors for user input” (U.S. patent No. 20200033815). The needs and expectations of many consumers. ”

“Many devices include input parts such as crowns, which receive and detect haptic inputs from users during operation. These input components may be highlighted on the device for users to use at any time. ”

Future Digital Crowns may be equipped with this sensor so that they no longer need physical rotation. By manipulating it to a flat touch, you can free up interior space for other components to use.

“Traditional crown input components take up space on the watch, and some user input components include wear-prone moving parts, which can also be damaged by impact during normal use or when the watch falls unexpectedly. ”

Touch digital crowns can also include one or more sensors, such as biosensors. One or more sensors can be configured to sense any type of feature, including but not limited to images, pressure, light, touch, temperature, position, motion, etc. ”

“For example, sensors can be photodetectors, temperature sensors, light or optical sensors, atmospheric pressure sensors, humidity sensors, magnets, gyroscopes, accelerometers, etc.,” the patent says.

Future Apple Watch may come with a crown that recognizes gestures

Future Apple Watch may come with a crown that recognizes gestures

U.S. Patent No. 2020029660 ” Always Fit Strap” specifically discusses issues related to how the Apple Watch is worn on the wrist.

“When the user moves the wrist, the strap may be tightly wrapped around the wrist, and this tightening may be uncomfortable. ”

“By maintaining a constant tension, the straps can also maintain a constant force on the user’s wrist, and they allow the table body attached to the strap to maintain a constant force on the user’s wrist. This increases the user’s comfort because the watch does not tighten and tighten when straightening and bending the wrist. It can also help optimize the operation of any sensor in the strap or body that is subjected to a constant force against the user’s wrist, such as some physiological sensors, such as some heart rate sensors. “