Xiaomi TV 5 Pro Review: Is the 4999 Yuan Quantum Dot Screen Worth Buying?

On October 30, Xiaomi TV General Manager Li Xiaoshuang posted a photo of Xiaomi TV 5’s side face on his personal microblog to warm up for the official launch on November 5. From the photos, the metal ultra-narrow bezel gives us a great visual impact, but in fact the Xiaomi 5 series TV still putthe key technology on the final experience of the picture quality itself. 4K quantum dot screen, up to NTSC 108% color gamut and support HDR 10 plus high dynamic range image display three hard core parameters to all potential users express edgto Xiaomi TV 5 in the picture quality up and down the effort.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Probably the best Xiaomi TV in the picture.

From January to June 2019, Xiaomi’s TV shipments ranked first in China, with more than 4.7 million units, according to Ovid.com. This time it was released on November 5th, aiming at the twin eleven as an important node of The Xiaomi TV 5/5 Pro to be able to continue such product and market performance?

This Xiaomi TV 5 series is divided into Xiaomi TV 5 Pro and Xiaomi TV 5 models, each has 55, 65, 75 inches three sizes, of which Xiaomi TV 5 Pro 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches for 3699 yuan, 4999 yuan and 9999 yuan, respectively; The 65-inch and 75-inch prices are $2,999, $3,999 and $7,999, respectively.

And has a quantum dot, motion compensation, HDR 10 plus, the price of 4999 yuan Xiaomi TV 5 Pro 65 inch version is one of the most attention-paying products, Sina digital evaluation is also this product.

Appearance experience: all-in-one seamless border work and then step up

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Xiaomi TV 5 Pro 65″ Edition

Xiaomi TV 5 series continues the previous generation of 4 series ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-thin body design. From the front, its screen is actually no hard border, only the black edge of the screen, compared to the previous Xiaomi TV 4 effectively reduced the screen frame and BM area, the screen ratio has been further improved.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Narrow border

The black edges around the screen are less than 1cm wide and are almost visually negligible relative to the overall TV size. From the details of this picture can be seen Xiaomi TV 5 Pro body frame details are very good, metal all-in-one bending edge in the overall product quality improvement.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

No seams at all.

From this point of view of the border, you can see that Xiaomi TV 5 Pro’s body frame for aluminum alloy one-way border, and there is no seamate, the surface of the matte treatment has a pretty good feel, the body work can be said to be more evolved than the previous generation of Xiaomi TV 4 ultra-narrow border.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

The words “Designed by Xiaomi” (Xiaomi Design)

As with the forward-looking images previously released, the right-hand border of the fuselage has a less obvious dented design, in which the words “Designed by Xiaomi” (Little Rice Design) are marked, which shows that Xiaomi wants to place extra emphasis on the design of the product.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Xiaomi’s “mi” carved Logo

Compared with the other three borders, the black edge of the lower border is smaller, but the body border is larger, which is the limit that the current ultra-narrow border technology can achieve. In the center of the bottom section design with xiaomi’s “mi” carverlogo.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

The whole body is not fixed with any screws.

The back of the fuselage is still designed in both upper and lower segments, making it easier for the upper part of the body to be thinner, with the main functional area placed in the lower half of the body. Overall observation down is more surprising, Xiaomi TV 5 series of the entire body without any screw snare fixed, is complete “0 screw” design, designers do this product is quite the pursuit of the ultimate.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Interface section

The main external interface of the fuselage is divided into two areas, where the side connecting area includes three HDMI interfaces and two USB 2.0 interfaces. I personally feel that although the TV with USB 2.0 interface is completely sufficient, but if you can provide USB 3.0 interface may be more user-friendly, especially when connecting the hard drive to play ultra-large capacity 4K HD video.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Design down

The area in the lower half of the fuselage provides the RJ-45 cable interface, SPDIF audio coaxial port, audio and video divider port and antenna interface, all of which are down, which is also quite in line with the design ideas of the current flat-screen LCD TV.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

“mi” word Logo

The central part of the plastic back cover of the lower part of the fuselage is still the “mi” word Logo.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Less obvious Slogan

There’s a less obvious Slogan between the back of the back and the upper part of the body, and “Innovation for Everyone” is basically what Xiaomi means to give each user a new way of life, which is not important.

Picture quality experience: 4K quantum dot screen may be the best Xiaomi TV

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

4K Quantum Dot Screen

In terms of picture quality, it is arguably the biggest selling point of the Xiaomi TV 5 series, and it is also the core difference between Xiaomi TV 5 and 5 Pro. The Xiaomi TV 5 Pro version of our review features a 4K-resolution quantum dot screen, while the regular Xiaomi TV 5 features a wide color gamut 4K screen with a color gamut of 85%. Due to the addition of Xiaomi TV 5 Pro high dynamic range HDR10 plus, you can see that the center of the sunset center point relative detailis is relatively rich, there is no general TV above the exposure of a white situation.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

More details are shown in both the light and the dark

The Xiaomi TV 5 Pro, which has HDR10 plus, has more details on both the bright and dark parts, and the image above basically illustrates the situation with HDR10 plus.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Color reproduction is basically in place

Quantum dot screens are high-color white light generated by the use of quantum dot diaphragm excitation, and thus quantum dot screens also have an innate color gamut advantage, with Xiaomi TV 5 Pro allegedly owning ntSC 108% of the ultra-wide color gamut. We can see from the actual image static experience, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro for the color restoration is very in place, gorgeous sunset and galaxy photos have been very good display.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Dark Show

This photo can be very focused observation TV for the dark details of the display, you can see for very dark parts, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro still has good details, you can see the edge of the dark more clearly outline. Of course, this is only a picture, after the camera to take pictures, and then show on the network or a different monitor above there is still a certain loss, the actual effect is more delicate than the computer screen see.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Color change display

The color changes in this photo are very rich, especially the subtle changes between the leaf veins and the green leaves, so to speak, this photo on the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro also got very good details.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Support for sports compensation technology

I’ve seen a lot of still photo displays, let’s take a look at the dynamic video display. The display video is in 4K HDR 10 Plus format. Since Xiaomi TV 5 Pro supports MEMC dynamic compensation technology, it can achieve some high-speed screen dynamic frame compensation, so that the picture looks smoother and clearer, reducing the presence of shadows. Therefore, in the dynamic experience link out of the color, light and dark contrast, I will pay special attention to the clarity of the dynamic picture.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Light and dark detail comparison

During the play I thought this small sand dune was really great for experiencing the clarity and dark details of television. You can see that due to the 4K resolution HD relationship, the sand grain of the dunes looks unusually real and texture, while the sand dunes are covered with light and dark contrast, you can see some of the key details and shapes in the dark sand dune pit, the presentation is better.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Video back-light light part general

Backlight can be said to be the most test hdr effect, from this photo, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro for the display of the video reverse light part of the display and no static picture to the good, this does not rule out is the shooting source itself the photographer used the parameters of overexposure reasons, of course, the actual is always not theoretically as perfect, but also normal phenomenon.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

From this photo, the characters in the area near the video appear to be clear due to their relatively slow movement, but the distant characters seem to have some movement.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Support for 8K video decoding

Again, the two hands are relatively clear, but the artist’s right hand is noticeably blurred by the action. At this point the camera shutter is 1/100s, not very slow.

In addition to 4K quantum dot HDR 10 plus and MEMC motion compensation, Xiaomi TV 5 Pro also has a hard decoding function, that is, it can support 8K video hardware decoding implementation playback, although the current 8K video is not yet popular, But judging by the layout of some upstream giants and the technological revolution of the 2020-2022 Olympics, the arrival of 8K may be sooner or later, and it is natural lying for the future to achieve decoding.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Thanks to the 4K HDR 10 Plus and 8K hard decoding output, thanks to the Xiaomi TV 5 full-line processor Amlogic T972, a 12nm advanced process processor that Xiaomi and Amlogic developed in conjunction with the four-core Cortex-A55 architecture. The main frequency reaches 1.9GHz.

63% improvement and 55% reduction in power consumption compared to the 1.5GHz performance of the previous T962. Up to 8K resolution HDR video decoding, and the supported color bit width is increased from 8bit 256 to 10bit 1024. With the transport ation and memory space of 4 plus 64GB, the hardware aspect in general brings the quality assurance and the system smoothness guarantee.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Or a familiar UI.

When it comes to system fluency, you have to mention once again Xiaomi’s unique PatchWall Puzzle Wall system interface, which enables the content of the waterfall flow refresh, and can accurately record some of the user’s operating habits in the system, favorite content, because the previous Xiaomi TV is also using PatchWall’s system Here I’ll briefly cover some of the details of the current update to the PatchWall system.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

The ecosystem is relatively perfect.

In addition to the system’s ease of use has been a feature of PatchWall, Xiaomi’s ecosystem is also the current television products in a relatively perfect, not much to say.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Xiaomi Mall is more easy to use

In addition, the revamped Xiaomi Mall looks more accessible, and even the soon-to-be-listed Xiaomi CC9 Pro has seen promotional content in Xiaomi Mall.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

TV manufacturers have always wanted television to truly become the center of the living room, smart connected home equipment. Who did that? At present, I think that Xiaomi is closest to this goal, because Xiaomi’s intelligent ecology is currently the industry’s most perfect. It is also based on this layer of reasons, this time Xiaomi designer in the design of Xiaomi TV 5 interaction, the remote control of the shutdown key changed to click sleep black screen standby, long press before exhaling the shutdown interface.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

The TV can be awakened by the remote control

This allows you to wake up the TV with voice control from the remote control or the remote voice of the TV, keeping the TV on call 24 hours a day.

Although Xiaomi officially called the change “redefinition of shutdown,” it was a little different from our previous practice. The idea is very good, but since then more expensive electricity is also real.

The problem is that this challenge user habits of the details of changes are not reflected in any place and inform the user, unknowingly will be on standby all year round, at least should be on the user guidelines above the necessary instructions, and in the system settings open to the user to choose their own settings.

小米电视5 Pro评测:4999元的量子点屏幕值得买吗?

Xiaomi TV 5 Series

Summary: This time can finally chat picture quality

Summarizing this experience of The Xiaomi TV 5 Pro, first of all, its design and face value really make a good first impression. Compared with the previous generation of Xiaomi TV 4 kind of stunning, today to see Xiaomi TV 5 design more pure, 0 screw body design and integrated seamless aluminum alloy frame these two most impressive, in terms of appearance Xiaomi TV 5 series is better than the previous generation Xiaomi TV 4.

Picture quality is the xiaomi TV 5 series of the biggest innovation, especially Xiaomi TV 5 Pro, its 4K quantum dot HDR 10 plus screen, 12nm processor, 4 plus 64GB of memory settings, all of these hardware are running to the international first-line brand of high-level start, with picture quality enhancement technology, with picture quality enhancement technology, MEMC Sport Compensation Technology and 8K Hard Decoding make Xiaomi TV 5 not lost on any other flagship TV on the market. System ease of use and PatchWall system has always been Xiaomi’s strength, coupled with its own good hardware support, users will certainly get a fairly smooth experience.

The only drawback is that the change in the logic of the remote control shutdown key does not give the user a clear hint, which will make the user without paying attention to the necessary standby TV. Xiaomi innovative living room use may be an exploration of the future, but should still give enough users tips and explanation, I believe that can avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings and trouble.

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