U.S. to press U.S. again: Rethink decision to allow Huawei’s 5G devices

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged Britain to reconsider its decision to allow Huawei devices to be used in 5G networks, but has failed to deliver on the threat of cutting off intelligence-sharing links, the Guardian reported. Mr Pompeo said the US had not yet fully assessed the UK’s move. He told the Guardian that the US response would be based on the implementation of the plan.

It added that the efforts of the US authorities to develop alternative suppliers would provide the UK with an opportunity to change course in the future.

U.S. to press U.S. again: Rethink decision to allow Huawei's 5G devices

The United States has previously threatened to cut off intelligence-sharing ties with allies, particularly Britain and Germany, if they do not block Huawei. Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand are members of the so-called Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

While he did not specify whether Britain’s limited review of China would affect the alliance or other intelligence-sharing, Reuters reported that Pompeo warned that the United States would ensure that the network used to transmit “American information” was “credible.”

Canada’s public safety minister, Bill Blair, said Canada would carefully study UK policy and weigh “the measures they have taken to protect the digital environment” as part of an ongoing cyber equipment security review, Bloomberg reported.