Yangtze Memory: put the health of employees first ,domestic flash memory production in an orderly manner

The outbreak in Wuhan not only affected the normal life of many people, but also brought some enterprises in Wuhan to the test, there are more than 60 listed companies located in Wuhan, Xiaomi, BOE, Tianma and other companies have production bases in Wuhan. People concerned about domestic flash memory should also know that Yangtze Memory headquarters is also in Wuhan, the company recently responded that domestic flash memory production in an orderly manner, the company will put the health of employees as a matter of first consideration.

Changjiang Storage: To ensure the health of employees first domestic flash memory production in an orderly manner

Yangtze Memory said, always adhere to the “personnel safety first” principle, in strict accordance with government regulations to ensure the safety of employees, delay the return time of foreign employees, and under conditions allow to encourage telecommuting, on-the-job employees to do a good job of epidemic prevention publicity, the issuance of masks, temperature testing, strengthen disinfection, line isolation and other work.

For raw material supply and logistics, the current Yangtze Memory is actively coordinated to ensure the normal operation of the production line. At present, Yangtze Memory production and operation of normal and orderly, stationed in the factory and manufacturers staff no cases of infection, and the use of regional isolation control measures to avoid the introduction of external viruses.

Due to the impact of changes in the external environment, Yangtze Memory actively coordinates government departments to minimize the impact under the premise of ensuring safety. Under scientific and effective prevention and control measures, in order to ensure the health of employees at the same time, effectively avoid the potential safety hazards of power outages.

Since its establishment in 2016, Yangtze Memory, as an integrated IDM integrated circuit company with 3D NAND flash memory design and manufacturing, has been focusing on providing complete memory solutions to provide 3D NAND flash wafers and particles, embedded memory chips and consumer-grade Products and solutions such as enterprise SSDs.

Yangtze Memory has mass-produced 32-layer stack 3D flash memory in 2018 and 3D flash memory of 64-tier stack in September 2019, CEO Yang Shining said the 64-tier flash memory stored by Yangtze Memory is more than 10% dense compared to the 90-tier products of the rivals, so as long as Yangtze Memory has a scale, The 64-tier product can still have gross margin, and the main bottleneck is now in scale.