RaniPille capsules can replace injections

Rani Therapeutics describes the company’s new intestinal hedgehog capsule, which is characterized as a substitute for traditional injections. For cases where daily administration is required, such as insulin for diabetics, this is expected to greatly alleviate the patient’s pain. RaniPill is reported to have performed well in the first human trial.

RaniPille capsules can replace injections

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Rani Pross, based in San Jose, California, uses capsules (not pills) for RaniPill that contain specific biological-derived drugs.

With the help of a protective intestinal encase, the capsule can pass through the patient’s stomach completely after swallowing. After entering the small intestine, a higher ambient pH can cause the outer layer to dissolve.

The chemical reaction that occurs inside the capsule will inflate the tiny balloons and place the drug-containing microneedles painlessly pressed into the intestinal wall.

The microneedle then dissolves harmlessly, releasing the drug directly into the bloodstream. The residue of the capsule can be excreted with feces within one to four days.

In a recent clinical study, the team used the technique for oral delivery of octreotide, a biopharmaceutical commonly used to treat protosonandandogenes and neuroendocrine tumors.

RaniPille capsules can replace injections

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The study in Australia involved 58 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55. Of these, 52 subjects took the drug through RaniPills, while six others were given the same dose intravenously.

Although intravenous injection is the most effective method (usually 100% into the circulatory system), RaniPill intestinal hedgehog capsules can also reach about 70%.

At present, there are no reports of side effects related, I believe that with the development of technology, its effectiveness is expected to further improve. Mir Imran, Chairman and CEO of Rani Therapeutics, says:

“We have demonstrated that repetitive injections for chronic diseases are about to become a thing of the past with the safe and effective oral delivery of biological drugs with RaniPill.”

The team is expected to conduct more clinical studies on other drugs later this year.