Nintendo says it won’t release new Switch console this year

Nintendo’s chief executive and president, Taro Kogawa, told investors today that the company has “no plans” to launch the new Switch in 2020. In a briefing on financial results and corporate governance policy released yesterday, Mr Goh noted that Nintendo Switch was in the middle of the hardware lifecycle and believed the company had laid the groundwork for Nintendo Switch to pursue further growth opportunities.

Nintendo says it won't release new Switch console this year

Not surprisingly, this year there are no new Switch hardware, this classic console product was launched in early 2017 and last year received the first major update to the Switch Lite and newer models with longer battery life, both of which can be achieved with a more energy-efficient version of the NVIDIA chip, that is, If Switch needs anything more important, it may need to use the new custom chips provided by Switch, which no longer designs generic chips for tablets or other mobile devices.

Of course that may change, but Nintendo seems satisfied with its current product structure. Mr Goh noted that sales of the original Switch were almost flat between April and December compared with the same period last year, while Switch Lite helped drive Nintendo’s overall growth. Switch’s total shipments by the end of 2019 were 52.48 million units.

“We don’t think we’ve fully communicated the special features and appeal of Nintendo Switch Lite, so we’re going to continue to address this issue,” he said. “With regard to Nintendo Switch, we think it is important to continue to communicate the appeal of the two Nintendo Switch systems and expand the installation base. “