Zac Efron to act in Tarzan: Focus on tech mogul John McAfee

Zac Efron will star in the new film Tarzan according to foreign media. The film focuses on John McAfee, the tech giant and founder of the anti-virus software McAfee, which was previously set to star Michael Keaton and Seth Rogen, and now Efron has replaced Logan, with McAfee, played by Keaton, also in the alternative.


“The Greatest Showman”

Directed by Glenn Fekara and John Riqua (I Love You Morris, We’re Here, “I’m Here” and written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (American Crime Story, Big Eyes). Based on Joshua Davis’s article in Wired magazine, John McAfee’s Last Stand, about the waist-to-head McAfee who left civilsociety and moved to the Belize jungle to build a gun like Colonel Kutz in The Modern Apocalypse. the story of a complex of sex and madness.

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