Google’s response to the slow update to Stadia has added to the anger.

Yesterday we reported that in a post on the Reddit forum, players were angry that Google Stadia was too lazy and that its service had not been updated for 40 days. In nearly six weeks, Google has not announced new games, no upgrades to features, and no “real community communication,” the poster said.

Google today issued an official response, which did not apologize for the situation, but said it “understands” it and will “share more content” in the near future.

First, Google refuted claims that there had been no community exchange for weeks, saying it published weekly weekly weekly newspapers on Stadia’s official forum. They also post a copy of the article every month on the Google Keyword blog. Google shied away from the update. In terms of gaming, Google has made no commitment. “We understand how players want information about the game,” Google wrote in a statement. “However, they have no plans for the release of this information.

Google's response to the slow update to Stadia has added to the anger.

Although no plans have been announced, Google is trying to introduce players to the complexity of the situation. Google says the exact launch date will depend on the publisher for the 120 games they had previously promised to launch on Stadia by 2020. “There are so many reasons behind the timing of these games. While it’s not clear, Google may mean that late December and the entire January season is already the off-season for game launches and game news.

Google also mentioned 10 exclusive games that will soon be available on the Stadia platform. “We will share these exclusive games with our players as soon as possible. “But google has no excuse snomored on this, because it’s an exclusive game, and Google can definitely decide when to publish the information about the work.” But in the face of the current situation, Google decided to keep these listing dates secret, waiting for the release later.

Google's response to the slow update to Stadia has added to the anger.

After the Reddit post went viral, Google unveiled a free game for Stadia Pro members in February. Not much, but at least there was some action. These free games aren’t enough to calm the frustrations of early users who start edfy, who still want to know when Stadia’s promised browser 4K mode, iOS support, home sharing and subsequent games will come. Google still has a lot of work to do to give Stadia a foothold in the mass, and it’s clearly not helpful to have a poignant response to the criticism.

Google’s Stadia Pro is now available only to users of Google’s Satoa Start-up and Premium editions.