Xiaomi watch review: poor in the design, the strength is to connect the xiaomi ecology

Before we talk about Xiaomi’s first smartwatch, we’d like to say a few words about the bumpy journey of this category in China. For domestic users. Samsung is the inspiration to many people, but more domestic users remember the Moto 360, even if a generation does not have goods, that appearance is still the peak of the smart watch’s face. So many years later, its fans (like me) still think it’s one of the most beautiful smartwatches, none.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear with camera sales are dismal but ground-breaking

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Moto 360 was the most beautiful smart meter in that era

It was a stage victory for manufacturers to explore smartwatches, when many manufacturers of large and small size thought it would be the next wind behind smartphones, so they have to force into this area, such as motoLG, such as large factories, small such as PEBBLE crowdfunding products. Feel that the next era has come, their own opportunity to surpass Apple has finally come.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Android smartwatch camp a lot of vendors, but a few years later dispersed

But…… The reality is cruel, and these manufacturers are quickly defeated. Because the weak performance of smart meters failed to beat the phone. Android smartwatches are not booming, they’re fading. Once again, Apple has come to the fore (and gone through a patchy product positioning adjustment), while Samsung has survived on its own Tizen, and some other products have filled the gap in the market.

Interestingly, the domestic users of the sensational Android smart meter motion awareness is not obvious, because of Google’s sake, domestic users know wearOS people are not many, during that time, high-end users are fascinated by the Apple Watch, the budget is limited with a millet bracelet; Cycle between the water cargo wearOS watch and the time to go out and ask.

From this can also see why Xiaomi to do watches, user groups are not small, bracelets with so many years, the product is good, after all, or bracelets;

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

The box of Xiaomi watch

Appearance…… A little unconfident.

That’s the point that Xiaomi’s watch was spit out most before it was released, and after posting the official image on Ray’s microblog, the comments on it were almost one-sided criticism, which really resembled the Apple Watch.

The real machine to hand, side and color matching really like, especially the right digital crown and power keys.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

The real machine line is very hard, the most like is the digital crown this side

The root cause is that Xiaomi uses a square screen.

We talked about a square screen when reviewing the Apple Watch generation, which doesn’t have as much space as a circle to waste and can present more information, but in the way of manipulation, it’s okay to tap the screen app icon with your finger, but flip the page swipes almost unsolvable, because the finger covers half the screen. So even Apple, which wants to virtually virtually put all its hardware buttons on the screen, has had to invent a digital crown to help turn the page.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Xiaomi Watch Appearance

This is also doomed to be as long as it is a square watch, unless you do not consider turning the page this matter, otherwise you can not bypass the Apple Watch this optimal solution.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Xiaomi watch on the left

The problem with Xiaomi watches is that instead of taking the time to find a better answer, they fill in the best answers they have, and “pay tribute” to Apple directly on some dials and even icons. It’s a very unconfident performance.

Of course, the designers also made an effort to make it less like the Apple Watch, which sets most of it in a straight line, but we don’t think it’s a successful design, which makes the watch look a little thick and doesn’t contain a bottom sensor thickness of 12.3 mm.

Although the Apple Watch 5 generation caliper measures to about 10.8 mm, but the curved case makes it much thinner visually.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

What xiaomi watch actually wears

This watch strap like most smart watches, using a pin, in order to pursue a straight-line design, the metal texture of the ear and the case although directly connected, but its texture and color is actually more like the color of silicone strap, the total length of the ear bolt 20 mm, the effective width is 18 mm, the subsequent change of belt looks black, the best sense of integration.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

The strap is removable, but because the ear (connected to the watch) is dumb black, the light strap may be a bit abrupt

There are two versions of the Xiaomi watch, the Xiaomi Watch and the Xiaomi Watch Premium Edition, and we get the former, which looks the same as the regular version, with basic parameters such as a 1.78-inch screen, 368×448 resolution, and a 44mm case size. Their processors and most of the specifications are the same, different reflected in the case / strap and screen glass material, the former is aluminum alloy , silicone , Corning Gorilla 3 generation glass, the latter is stainless steel strap , stainless steel case , sapphire glass, more expensive, more durable and better.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

The back of the table is made of ceramic material, with four electric charge points

Hardware section: Android camp is almost the best

In contrast to the look, the watch’s overall experience is almost the best in the (domestic) Android watch camp.

Starting with the most obvious dial, 1.78 inches, 368×448 resolution, the pixel density is 326 ppi, and the small screen is enough to make sure you don’t see the pixels. The screen also supports alwayss on, but it’s not as advanced as Apple – the screen is followed by a time plus date display.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Xiaomi watch actually has a screen-off mode

The both regular and premium versions of Xiaomi watches are in the Qualcomm Dragon 3100 4G version, and the storage configuration is 1GB plus 8GB, which determines that their performance experience is consistent.

The Wear3100 4G version is Qualcomm’s processor for wearabledevices such as smartwatches, with a tiered system architecture, an integrated quad-core A7 processor, an ultra-low-power coprocessor, and a learning engine. Compared to the previous Wear2100, the Wear 3100 4G version can be configured according to different display types, battery capacity and terminals, resulting in increased battery life.

We don’t run on watches (mainly not without running software), but daily operation, this product fluency is not a problem.

In addition, Xiaomi watches offer linear motors, shock, built-in stand-alone speakers and more. These are not particularly obvious sense, after two days of use, we feel the most convenient is still the NFC part, this watch inherits the Xiaomi mobile phone full-featured NFC fine tradition, bus cards, access cards, wallets are no problem.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

NFC has always been an advantage for Xiaomi’s phone, which is now being ported to the watch

Experience part Fusion Rice is the biggest advantage

Xiaomi watch using a system called “MIUI for Watch”, and many domestic self-study system products (such as Huawei watchGT) is not the same, MIUI for Watch is the heart of the real Google wear OS, probably equal to the relationship between MIUI and Android.

For some reason, the native Google architecture cannot run in China. This led to Android system in China, but Google ecology has been removed, replaced by their own account system, maps, software stores and health ecology and so on – Xiaomi’s watch system is also done, in this watch voice assistant is a small love classmate, map is search dog, listening to the book is Himalaya, Listening to music is QQ music, smart home management system is rice home. There is also the support of third-party apps such as Keep, Alipay, Air Travel And Igo. They may seem less snothe compared to foreign products, but they use a wider range of people. Of course, these third-party apps may have just been online soon, stability needs to be improved, QQ music has encountered the Caton problem.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Main menu interface

Open the menu, square square positive icon just like Xiaomi’s home feeling, in fact, with its watch appearance is very matching. But the ustre is that some parts, such as the small icon of dial or theater mode, seem to draw on Apple… The MIUI for Watch interface doesn’t see too many traces of wearwear OS, but from the time of the connection you can notice that in addition to Xiaomi wearing this app, in the initial connection also need to download the wearOS app, it provides basic connectivity services, such as watches and mobile phone communications, forwarding mobile phone message push.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Xiaomi’s own watch has better control over Mijia’s smart products

Notification messages on your watch can be grouped, so you don’t feel too messy when you read them. We are most concerned about WeChat, in the mobile phone side landing, the watch side can directly log on, and can reply to the voice or text (text is the first to enter the voice conversion, rather than directly input), although still want to turn the circle, but “can use” level. From the performance of various watches before WeChat, it is unrealistic to expect it to replace the mobile phone, can occasionally say back when it can’t get out of hand.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

WeChat can go directly back to voice or voice to text, but does not recognize third-party emoticons

Of all the apps on the current watch, Mijia is the most surprising, it can directly control the home appliances on the watch, although compared to the mobile version is still shrinking, but compared to the Apple Watch platform that version is really much stronger. This is the core advantage of the Mi family, we believe they will be around their watches to do more play, with the smart home linkage.

About Connecting and Continuing

Xiaomi watches communicate daily with watches switched to Bluetooth or WiFi, similar to the Apple Watch. In addition, the eSIM way to make the watch independent communication – this Chinese companies do better than Apple is that in the mobile phone can directly apply for three operators of virtual cards, one multi-terminal (mobile phone watch with the same number) or multi-terminal can be. At present, the three suppliers of mobile phones have access to guide users to open directly, but ultimately still want to jump or install the corresponding carrier’s App, and China Telecom still does not accept the status of the application, the other two are still only part of the province and city for processing – these are operator restrictions, Xiaomi has worked hard to do the best experience.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Mobile app side boot for eSIM

In our test these two days, the screen has been set into automatic brightness adjustment, more than a hundred times a day a variety of information push, the occasional out-of-the-box listening to songs and navigation, as well as half an hour of slow walk exercise, this watch can use about a day and a half, with the Apple Watch time close, is also the industry’s normal level. For an all-smartwatch, the screen, processor and sensors that detect heart rate are big consumers, and it’s not realistic to keep a connection to the phone so that it’s a half-month-old bracelet.

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

570 mAh battery for more than a day

Summary: New Choices for Domestic Android Users

Xiaomi’s short board is mainly in the appearance, for no reason, just too much like the Apple Watch, in this respect, Xiaomi watch design team is really not confident enough.

In contrast to the appearance, it is the experience of its use, as it was said at the beginning, because Google wearOS can not be used directly in the country. Smartwatch market demand is much smaller than mobile phones, big manufacturers are willing to put money into smartwatches not much. So the domestic Android watch has always been blank (Huawei changed half-way to a non-smartwatch; it’s probably the only exception to go out and ask, but the public’s awareness is low).

小米手表评测:短板在设计 长处是连接米家生态

Xiaomi Watch

From this point of view, Xiaomi watch although belatedly, but good in our final saw a large manufacturer into it, become a few domestic users wearOS choice. And the voice assistant, map, weather and other full range of functions are all adapted to the watch, coupled with the Mijia smart home this advantage, so that the smart meter really has an ecological concept, rather than simply as a bracelet to do.

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