9 years after Zhou Jielun “Green Bee Man” to determine the remake of Kato’s selection of corner debate

According to Taiwanese media reports, the king “Zhou Dong” Zhou Jielun in 2011 in the Hollywood film “The Green Hornet” to play an assistant “Kato” corner, received a global attention. Nine years apart, the production company Amasia Entertainment took the copyright to determine which Asian actor to release the new film, which will be released by the Asian actor, once again set off a discussion among netizens.

Michael Helfant, founder of Amasia Entertainment, who was president of Marvel Pictures in 2005, announced that he had acquired the rights to a remake of “The Green Bee Man” and was about to make a new film, according to themedia Deadline. “This is a classic superhero series of independent brands, and we have a lot of fans in our company who are excited to add a new dimension to this saga, and a new world is both meaningful and exciting, based on the principles of being true to the spirit of the original. “

Michael Helfant said: “When I was a kid, “The Green Bee Man” was my favorite TV series, and I loved everything in it: The Green Bee Man, Kato and, of course, the Black Beauty, they were the coolest!” He missed a number of times to shoot with “The Green BeeMan”, when he also repeatedly tried to fight for copyright at Marvel Pictures, but lost to Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and now he finally dreamed of getting the copyright.

In fact, “The Green BeeMan” originated from the 1930s radio program, “Kato” as an assistant to “Green Bee Man” Rebley, is also an Asian character, has appeared in the stars include Lu Xilin (1941 film), Bruce Lee (1966 TV series) and in recent years the most well-known Jay Chou (2011 film) , now “Kato” corner will be who to perform, set off a heated discussion among netizens.