Make everyone fall in love with Facebook? Zuckerberg: I don’t care anymore

On the afternoon of January 31st, Beijing time, according tomedia, Mark Zuckerberg wanted everyone to fall in love with Facebook. Now, however, he no longer cares. The Facebook chief executive warned that he would take a strong and controversial stance this year on the issues facing his company.

Make everyone fall in love with Facebook? Zuckerberg: I don't care anymore

Zuckerberg made the decision because he was told that Facebook’s management had failed to communicate the company’s plans clearly over the past decade because they were too worried about offending others. “While people have a positive view of us and the company, it’s a more superficial view,” Zuckerberg said on a earnings conference call Wednesday. Because to gain trust, you first need to make people understand your position. “

Over the past decade, Facebook has invested heavily in monitoring whether the company and its management team are popular with users or innovative in their minds. The move also seems to fit the style of a tech giant that created the “likes” button, although the company is also making rapid progress in using user interest to make money. The company also regularly surveys users about their views on Facebook and whether they believe it is actively contributing to the world. Zuckerberg also hires people with political experience to draft speeches and advise. In 2017, Zuckerberg traveled the country, visiting factories and farms, and so on, as in the presidential race.

Unfortunately, this strategy has not worked. Today, Zuckerberg is a favorite target for politicians, regulators and famous people. The company also faces criticism from all sides for fuelling the rapid spread of damaging disinformation on the platform and attacking the company’s censorship of user posts. Some also point out that Facebook’s business model relies on monitoring platform users to a gruesome level, while others oppose the company’s plan to encrypt data from its communications app, saying it would create safe havens for predators and criminals.

‘Now is the time to choose your position, ‘ Mr. Zuckerberg said. He said he would continue to push for encryption “even if some insist that privacy protections help bad people.” He also plans to limit Facebook’s control over what people say and how they operate on social networks. He will protect Facebook’s advertising-based business model, even though it relies on user data. That, he says, is “sticking to serving everyone in the world”, not just serving subscribers. “There will be support for these positions and opposition, but I believe the most important thing is that we should face up to the problem,” Zuckerberg said. “

These issues are clearly not the top concern for investors. In a earnings call Wednesday, they urged Facebook to disclose more information about its latest growth plans in addition to ads in the platform’s news feed. Facebook shares fell 6.1 percent on Thursday, taking into account slowing growth.