Huang Xuedong becomes Microsoft’s global aia chief technology officer, from responsible for voice technology to Microsoft’s Azure cloud turnaround

Recently, Microsoft’s first Chinese “global technology academician”, Microsoft’s chief voice scientist Huang Xuedong became Microsoft’s global chief technology officer of artificial intelligence, responsible for Microsoft Azure Cloud artificial intelligence, including voice, machine translation, computer vision, natural language and artificial intelligence cognitive services.

Huang Xuedong becomes Microsoft's global aia chief technology officer, from responsible for voice technology to Microsoft's Azure cloud turnaround

Under the latest appointment, Huang Xuedong (now Chief Technology Officer of AI Cognitive Services) will lead the newly unified AI Cognitive Services Engineering and Research Team. Huang xuedong recently led the voice and language team of cognitive organizations. Voice and language and computer vision teams in cognitive organizations will move to the AI platform and report to Huang Xuedong, while existing Form Recognizer, Personalizer, and other cognitive services engineering teams in the AI platform organization will also report to Huang Xuedong.

From the resume, Huang Xuedong is a dual academician of the International Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the American Computer Society (ACM) and one of the founders of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit CNTK.

At the same time, Huang Xuedong is also a Microsoft Global Technology Fellow, which represents the highest honor of Microsoft technical staff, at present, only more than 20 people in the world to receive this honor, Huang Xuedong is Microsoft’s only Chinese technical academician.

Since 1978, Huang Xuedong has been studying for an undergraduate degree in the Faculty Of Hunan University (later in the Department of Electrical Engineering), and in 1982 he went to Tsinghua University for a postgraduate degree, before receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh.

In 1989, Huang Xuedong went to Carnegie Mellon University in the United States to devote himself to the study of language recognition.

In 1993, he joined the Microsoft Institute as a senior researcher and was responsible for the formation of Microsoft’s speech recognition technology research team.

From 2000 to 2004, he was the general manager of Microsoft’s Speech Recognition Technology Research Team, where he was responsible for research, development and market development of Microsoft’s voice technology and products. He led the development of Microsoft Voice Technology and marketing of products, including the award-winning Speech Server 2004.

As a leader in the field of speech recognition at Microsoft, Huang Xuedong, who joined Microsoft for 27 years, is still active in the front line of scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence.

In September 2017, Microsoft’s speech recognition research team, led by it, reduced the 5.9 percent error rate for October 2016 to 5.1 percent, according to public records.

In March 2018, Microsoft’s machine translation team, led by it, reached a historic milestone comparable to that of professional sin.

In 2019, Microsoft’s Machine Reading Comprehension system set a new record in a Stanford conversational question-and-answer session, becoming the only team on the current list where models score more than human scores.