Lynk & Co’s new flagship electric sedan leaks: up to 700KM , wheelbase of nearly 3 meters

Lynk & Co as the domestic Geely brand upward development of the representative model, with its excellent price-performance ratio and excellent product strength, is likedĀ  by many young consumers in china. Recently, there are netizens exposed the photo of the new pure electric vehicle. The new car, codenamed DC1E, comes from Geely’s PMA pure electric platform. At the same time, the car’s wheelbase is close to 3 meters, is also the largest model of the Necker. And the range is expected to reach about 700KM. It is expected to be released as early as this year.

Necker's new flagship electric sedan exposure: up to 700KM wheelbase of nearly 3 meters

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From the leaked photos, the new car is a pure electric crossover. The new DC1E code means D-segment, Crossover, No.1 and EV, which represents the car or the flagship all-electric model, according to the source. Predictably, the car will compete with the Tesla Model 3 with its competitive range and product capability.

According to the common exposure of the vehicle parameters information table can be seen, the length and width of the car is 4850/1980/1530mm, wheelbase of 2999mm, reached the size of the B-class car. In terms of body size, the new car is also competitive.

Among them, the dynamic parameters show that the car will have a front drive and four-wheel drive two driving forms. The 4-d-drive 100 km acceleration time is 4.5 to 5.0 seconds, while the 100km acceleration time of the front-drive type is between 7.5 and 8.3 seconds. This level of motivation is equally good compared to that of its peers.

Necker's new flagship electric sedan exposure: up to 700KM wheelbase of nearly 3 meters

In addition, it is understood that the car will have frameless doors, air suspension and other configurations. In terms of battery life, its comprehensive power consumption of 13.8-15.7kWh/100km, combined with the news that the car will be equipped with 100kWh power battery pack can be easily measured, the car’s comprehensive range between 637-725Km.