Musk: Tesla electric car will reach nearly 640 kilometers

Elon Musk, chief executive of electric car maker Tesla, said the company was approaching an electric car with a single-charge range of 400 miles (640 kilometers) thanks to improved battery performance on its Model S, according tomedia reports. For years, Tesla has been recognized as a leader in long-range electric vehicles, but that’s not so simple.

Musk: Tesla electric car will reach nearly 640 kilometers

Tesla has been investing in improving battery performance, hoping to get more efficient powersystems and drive more battery life and range.

On A fourth-quarter earnings conference call from Tesla on January 30, Musk was asked when Tesla plans to replace the batteries used by the Model S and Model X with the 2170 batteries used by the Model 3 to further improve the travel and energy efficiency of the two electric vehicles.

Currently, Tesla’s Model S and Model X use an 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery that is the same size as a battery used in laptops and other electronic devices. But starting in 2017, Panasonic’s Gigafactory 1 plant in Nevada began producing a new, larger-sized 2170 battery for the Tesla Model 3, designed to have a higher energy density and a higher charging rate for a battery pack made of 2170 batteries.

“In fact, the core chemical properties of the 18650 battery architecture have been improved many times over the years,” Musk said. We are pleased with the increase in battery capacity and vehicle energy efficiency. “

Musk also said he expects the Model S to reach 400 miles in a single charge. “We’re rapidly approaching the Model S’s 400-mile range,” he said. So, in a long time, the Model S will reach 400 miles. “

So far, the Model S long-range model is the longest of Tesla’s many models, with a range of 370 miles (about 600 kilometers) according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

But thanks to recent improvements, Musk said, the EPA’s actual estimate should now be closer to 380 miles. “Actually, the Model S and Model X have a longer range of single-charge range than we currently claim on our website,” he says. We just haven’t had time to update the EPA’s assessment. However, The actual range of range for Model S and Model X is higher than stated on the website. “

Musk expects Tesla’s existing car, which is currently being built, to have a range of nearly 380 miles per charge.

Tesla is also working on Plaid Powertrain, a powertrain based on a new three-motor configuration for the Model S and Model X. Musk said it would be launched by the end of the year.

But media reports say Tesla’s single-charge range doesn’t have to be that long, especially the Model S. 200 miles to 300 miles (480 kilometers) plus fast and easy charging is enough for consumers.