Apple TV Welcomes New Underwater Screensaver

Some netizens said on Reddit that Apple had recently pushed a new batch of underwater screensavers to apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models. The theme showcases marine life and ecosystems, ranging from dolphins off the coast of Costa Rica to coral reefs in the Red Sea near Egypt. Other include moon jellyfish off the coast of Alaska, waves off the coast of Tahiti, golden bovine noses off the coast of Mexico, and so on.

Apple TV Welcomes New Underwater Screensaver

(Instagram via MacRumors)

After the device has been idle for some time, the Apple TV displays a screen saver. To change the wait time before the screensaver is activated, move to Settings – General – Screen Saver, and specify “Start in a few minutes”.

Apple TV users can also call out menus from Siri Remote at any time on the TV OS home screen to instantly activate the screensaver.

Tap Siri Remote to provide information about the current screensaver shooting location, or to switch the display left or right if you’ve downloaded more than one screensaver.

Apple regularly pushes new Apple TV screensavers (daily, weekly, or monthly) to get new videos in Settings – Screensavers – downloads new videos.

Although you can’t select a specific screen saver on your Apple TV, Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac maintains a website that organizes and showcases all available scenes. Interested friends, you can go and see.