Microsoft adds Edge-Style Scrolling to Google Chrome

Microsoft has already ported the Edge-Style scrolling (also known as “percent-based scrolling”) to Chromium on Windows. When the flag is enabled, mouse wheel and keyboard scroll scroll ingres spout splattered as a percentage of the bar size.

Microsoft adds Edge-Style Scrolling to Google Chrome

It is well known that Microsoft is bound to make a positive contribution to Chromium after switching from the EdgeHTML engine to The Edge HTML for the new Edge browser. In fact, the company has adopted more than 2,000 changes in Chromium to date. Google recently asked the Edge team to add Edge’s “Move Tab to New Window” context menu option to Chrome, which is now complete and can now be added by selecting the option in the Chrome Canary 81 right-click menu One or more tabs are moved to the new window.

In a percentage-supported rolling bug thread, a Microsoft employee says, “Traditionally, Windows applications have scrolled as a percentage of the visible size of the scroller, while Chromium currently scrolls fixed amounts based on system settings and scrolling.” We’d like to introduce chromium options (at least on Windows, maybe on other platforms) to be able to perform performance-based scrolling. “

The submission of this feature was completed a few days ago. “This CL implements percent-based scrolling for Windows. This allows the scrolling started by the mouse wheel to be interpreted as a percentage of the expected scroll bar size, rather than being converted directly to pixels. This is part of the work of transplanting Ede-Style scrolling Chromium. “

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