Microsoft cancels Surface Hub 2X project due to WCOS development stall

Despite being hailed as a “software giant”, Microsoft has been left behind by its own software team in developing some hardware projects. For example, the Surface Hub 2X, which was scheduled to debut in 2020, was delayed because Windows Core OS and Shell couldn’t keep up. The Surface Hub Aruba shell was cut off last December. Today, brings bad news to Surface Hub 2X.

Microsoft cancels Surface Hub 2X project due to WCOS development stall

(From: Microsoft, via MSPU)

It quoted “people familiar with the matter” as saying that surface Hub 2X had been severely delayed and that the project could even be canceled, evidenced that Microsoft had cleaned up the device’s existence on YouTube and its official website.

However, Microsoft said in a statement: “We are in constant communication with Surface Hub customers as we strive to align our roadmap to best meet their needs.”

Surface Hub has two top priorities in 2020. The first is the deployment of the 85-inch model, followed by the introduction of an operating system update.

These include key features that customers have been waiting for since surface Hub 2S launch, including improvements to all versions of IT integration, deployment, and management.

We’ll have more to share in the next few months.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2 (via)

Surface Hub 2S is still running the Windows 10 operating system, and doesn’t introduce the fancy tricks that Surface Hub 2X should have. Media pointed out that:

Microsoft’s weakness in software development has also led to delays in flexible-screen laptops, countless Windows Phones, and Project Hololens 2.

However, the company appears to be able to achieve better development on rival platforms, including Google Android.

For example, a new Edge browser with the Chromium engine and an Android-based Duo dual-screen mobile device.

Finally, as an alternative to Windows Core OS, Microsoft may also swap the more popular open source kernel for Surface Hub 2X.