How powerful is Jim Keller, the father of AMD Zen and vice president of Intel?

Semiconductor is a capital and technology intensive industry, so it’s not good to play with chips without burning money. It costs US $300 million to develop a chip at 7Nm node, and small companies can’t afford it. But it’s not enough to just throw money. The technical barriers are too high, and there is no senior talent to play. Among the advanced chip technology talents, Jim Keller’s name has a high rate of appearance in the domestic and foreign media.

On the one hand, he has joined amd twice, participated in K8 architecture and now Zen architecture research and development, which is one of the most successful processors in AMD, and is called the father of Zen (however, the honor of Zen architecture belongs to the whole team, not one person can handle it).

Last year, he joined Intel. Now he is vice president of Intel tscg (technology, system architecture and client department) and general manager of SEG Department (silicon Engineering). He is also a faithful believer in Moore’s law. His current job is high-performance chip. Let Moore’s law continue to guide chip development.

In terms of academic qualifications, Jim Keller is only a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, in the semiconductor industry, the starting point is relatively low, but Jim Keller is known as the bull is a man, he has been in the industry for more than 20 years, has been involved in a number of semiconductor companies, Responsible for a number of very successful projects, is definitely the Silicon Valley chip industry’s great god.

The Semiwiki website summarizes Jim Keller’s career and summarizes some of his career histories over the past 20 years, as follows:

AMD Zen之父、Intel副总Jim Keller到底有多牛?

Prior to 1998, Jim Keller was involved in the development of Alpha 21164 and Alpha 21264, the world’s fastest processor. In 1998 entered AMD, participated in and led the K7, K8 architecture research and development, K8 how important it need not say much.

Jim Keller then participated in the development of MIPS architecture processors at Sibyte, implementing a 1Gbit/s network interface.

After Sibyte was acquired by Broadcom, Jim Keller joined Broadcom, then left to join the creation of PA Semi, which was eventually acquired by Apple and involved in the development of Apple’s A4 and A5 processors, which was the starting point for Apple’s A-Series processors.

In 2012, Jim Keller returned to AMD to work on Zen architecture processors until 2016, which was one of the most popular parts of a meal.

Jim Keller left AMD in 2016 and was recruited by Tesla to help develop Tesla’s own in-car computing platform, the AI chip that Musk called the world’s strongest and far-win GPU, although it was not officially released until after Jim Keller left.

Now Jim Keller is working for Intel, and at the University of Berkeley recently he talked about some of the progress related to his work, and he’s interested to read this article.

From this resume, Jim Keller has been engaged in chip research and development of alpha, MIPs, x86, AI, arm and other instruction sets for more than 20 years. It can be said that he has touched all the mainstream instruction sets, of course, the strongest ones are x86 and arm, which are the highlights of his career.

AMD Zen之父、Intel副总Jim Keller到底有多牛?

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