Tesla releases first Model Y production picture, hints at breakthrough in bodymaking

Tesla has released the first official picture of the Model Y model, as well as a picture of the production line, suggesting a breakthrough in the company’s previously discussed body-making technology. Tesla also announced that Model Y was in production earlier in January and that Model Y would begin delivery in March, when it released its fourth-quarter financial results for 2019.

Tesla releases first Model Y production picture, hints at breakthrough in bodymaking

According to media reports, model Y prototypes have been on public roads for nearly a year as part of Tesla’s extensive testing program. But according to the official image of Tesla’s first Model Y launch this time, the vehicle appears to be an improvement on the original prototype model unveiled in March 2019.

Now, Tesla shares the first official picture of the Model Y that went into production. If compared to the original prototype model, the first official image of the Model Y in production confirms that Tesla is working on the Chrome Removal (removal of Chrome Trim) standard, which is the first practice of Tesla vehicles, but is a very popular practice in the owner’s after-sales retrofit.

In addition, Tesla has made some design improvements, especially at the front of the electric SUV.

With the release of Model Y’s first official image, Tesla also shared a series of images of the Model Y production line at its Fremont, California, plant.

The images show a production scene of the streamlined lines that make the Model Y body parts, which Tesla says is exactly where it is.

In an interview with the media last year, Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, said the company was moving to aluminum casting designs instead of providing Model Y with a range of stamped steel and aluminum sheets. “When we get a large casting machine, the body will be reduced from 70 parts to one, which will greatly reduce the capital expenditure on all machines to assemble these parts together,” he said at the time. “

That means a major breakthrough in bodymaking, and the official images just released are the first visual evidence Tesla has given us to make this effort a reality.

The carmaker has designed a giant new machine that almost makes the entire frame.

With the launch of the model version, Tesla has also found other ways to improve the vehicle’s energy efficiency, increasing the Model Y’s single-charge range to 315 miles (507 kilometers).