How does the new coronavirus replicate within cells? First enlarged picture out

Scientists at the University of Hong Kong released an enlarged image wednesday showing the microbial cause of the outbreak of pneumonia in the new coronary virus, Bloomberg reported. The flakes and scanning glasses of the new coronavirus show a portion of an infected cell growing in culture, with viral particles released from the cell surface.

John Nicholls, clinical professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong, who developed the virus with two colleagues, said that each infected cell produces thousands of new infectious virus particles that continue to infect new cells.

Researchers are studying samples at different points in time to better understand the differences between the 2019-nCoV virus, the new coronavirus, and other coronavirus replications.

Professor Nicholls was one of the Hong Kong team members who isolated and identified SARS virus. He says this slice of information is available to researchers around the world who are not exposed to new coronaviruses, or who do not have a suitable laboratory for growing the virus.