Mumbai, India, online magic traffic lights: the longer the horn, etc.

According tomedia reports, recently, Mumbai police released a video, Mumbai police in order to change drivers and other red lights during the “bad habits” of honking the horn, recently put on the internet more and more horns and so on the longer the magic traffic lights. According to the video, Mumbai, India as the world-famous “horn capital”, drivers in waiting for a red light, often will be honking the horn, think that the longer you press, the red light will go faster. But this kind of behavior greatly affects the appearance of the city.

As a result, Mumbai police recently launched this magic traffic light in Mumbai, once the decibel meter on the traffic lights recorded to the surrounding horn snort slower of 85 decibels, it will automatically reset to a red light, and from the new count. This means that as long as a driver is honking his horn while waiting for a red light, the signal will remain red.

Mumbai, India, online magic traffic lights: the longer the horn, etc.

It has to be said that the Mumbai police are simple and brutal and effective in managing the sound of the horn.

It is understood that the city of Mumbai has been among the most congested cities in the world all year round. Mumbai’s motorists are enduring the world’s worst traffic jams, according to global research based on statistical analysis of GPS data.

Commuters spend 65 percent more time on the road during peak hours than when they’re unobstructed, the report said. Mumbai ranks ahead of Bogota, Lima, Delhi and other cities in the 2018 TomTom Traffic Index.

The reasons for the congestion in Mumbai are varied, both due to inadequate road planning and driver slack. At the same time, the mode of transport is not perfect, a large part of the reason, Mumbai has a population of 25 million people, but only line 1 subway operation.